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Salam alaykum!
Brothers and sisters i want your answers for this questions:shymuslima1:
let me know what should i do or what not !
laughing loudly in islam is not allowed specially for a women ?
a women should be always covered even a non mahram should not see her hands?
and that when a nn mahram comes after her door to ask something
she must take her hand in front her mouth so that the none mahram should not hear her real
voice? and that wearing pants is not allowed for a muslim girl? :confused:
while someone is dead if he or she were good and inocent they go to heaven or they remain in their grave till qiyamah?
when someone is thrown in the hell fire and then will be forgived she or he has a sighn that people recongnize that he or she was in the hell first ?


Assalaam alaikum,

I pray you are asking this as serious questions.

In Islam a woman is not to dress as a man. Now that is different from wearing pants. So what is your question. No, we are not to dress like men.

I will discuss some of the other questions later.


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salam alikum sister!
yes i'm serious in my questions!
i was told by my friend she goes to madrasa she said i should not wear pants so i asked it here !
cause im not allowed to go outside!
so i need your answers and what you know about this things


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Sometimes culture and tradition do not always mean correct. If something is loose and does not hug the figure etc then it is modest in my opinion. There are lots of very loose pants that people wear for example in Pakistan and the Pakistani community in the UK.


Assalaam alaikum, of things about our faith is common sense.

We are not to dress like men. We are not to act like men in the way we dress. There are women who wish to act like men so they dress like men. They are not happy being women.

It is also lying if you dress like a man. You are not true to what Allah subhana wa taala has made you.

In wisdom we are told not to emulate men in our dress. Do not dress and act like a man.

We wear our abayas outside, at least I do. There is no mistaking that I am a woman. An older one but, a woman. Everyone thinks I am a nun. So I get a lot of respect. When I leave to go outside there is no mistake I am a woman. I am not deceiving anyone.

As for pants..well think this through...I wear slacks made for women under my abaya. When I am in the household I wear long tunics or sweaters below my knee and often will put a long sporty jacket...with a cozy pair of slacks...I am covered 100%..I am more covered than many sisters I see out. Many women wear two piece outfits..lets take the shalwar and keemez. The shalwar is a garment that is classified as a pair of pants. Any culture and women wear some type of pants. They are not dressing like men. Men wear shalwars and are not dressing like women.

It is not strictly pants. It is dressing like a woman. Many women who are not Muslims and some Muslim women do go outside in tight fitting clothing. Some women wear uni-sex clothing. Clothing designed for either sex to wear. We are not to dress like that.

Our menfolk like us to look and act like women. There is a word in the American language. The word is butch. It describes a woman who dresses like a man. It is a confused woman. She will have very short hair. She will tuck in her shirt and wear pants that are tight. She will speak like a man. She thinks she is a man. We can not have that in Islam.

When we pray we make sure our body is covered. No matter where we are Allah subhana wa taala sees us. We want to make sure we look presentable to our creator.

Does this help?


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Thanks sister !
yeah that really helps
its been just few months that i cover my head like i think you say hijab
and i'm the only person in my house plus my grandma
even my country is an islamic country but the clothes are more western short without sleeves
tight pants like this so it makes me confused what i should buy what is correct for me cause seeing
what my sisters wears and what my cousin (we live together ) it gives me a felling like....they encourge me too
so its a bit difficult for me

sister herb

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Salam alaykum

As Greg wrote, it is very much also about culture. As you (propably) lives in islamic society, to you it is better to follow the dressing norms of that place. You can ask your family to buy you modest dresses (like abayas or something what women usually use there).

As comparing, I am from the west and use pants (very loose ones). Some my sisters from Somalia have told me I shouldn´t but again as comparing my Iraqi friends see it is ok.

Of course when praying I am full covered - no pants then.

Anyways; Aapa is a wise sister and it is good to listen her.


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Salam alikum !
yeah i wear pants a little loose cause here is not very loose one unfortunately
our people they always try to copy the culture from west. girls have totally changed so
i dont kno what really my culture is

sister herb

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sister harb everything has been difficult for me here

I make dua for you that everything will goes fine with you, dear sister. Don´t be worry.


Unfortunately to your other questions I haven´t proper answers right now. Even to me that putting hand in front of mouth sounds unfamiliar manner but maybe people behave like this in some places. Hopely some others here can answer to you better.

um muhammad al-mahdi

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
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Assalamu alaykum sister,

When people talk to you about matters related to our deen, ask them the daleel inshallah. Is what they say based on Quran and Sunnah??? Don't be afraid of asking this question cause we are talking about Islam not a gossip (astaghfirullah) heard from the neighbour, if you know what I mean. Wa Allahu 'alam.

Jazakillahu khayran


I'm not what you believe
salam 'alikum,about dressing like a man I have to disagree,because there are many pants for women and they are not tight and similar to those of men.I hate skirts,but when I wear some long dress,I use to wear pants under it.I always have pants when I go out,because even if I'm wearing a long skirt or an Abaya,I don't want anybody to know what is there under my clothes.try to think if unfortunately while being on the street the abaya gets broken for some reason:a woman who doesn't wear pants under it would walk semi naked without being aware of that:)


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Salam alaykum!

laughing loudly in islam is not allowed specially for a women ?

Wa'alaikuma s'salaam,

People laugh all the time. I don't think there is anything with it, only thing frowned upon is too much laughing. But a Muslim women should be firm with her voice when outside or among non-mahram. She can laugh at home among mahram only.

Aaishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, said: “I never saw the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) laughing so heartily that his back teeth showed; he would only smile.” (Reported by Abu Dawood, no. 5098).

According to a saheeh hadeeth, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not laugh too much, for excessive laughter kills the heart (i.e., spiritually) .”
(Reported by Ibn Maajah, no. 4193; Silsilah al-Saheehah, no. 506).

According to another report, he said: “… too much laughter corrupts the heart.”
a women should be always covered even a non mahram should not see her hands?

A woman should be properly covered in the presence of a non-mahram. Otherwise she can dress at home in what is normal and comfortable to wear among family. Regarding the hands, there's one hadith that everyone likes to quote that says a women should not show except this and this , referring to the hand and the face. Then there is also niqaab and covering of the hands which scholars say should be covered. You can read more on covering hands here inshallah:

and that when a nn mahram comes after her door to ask something, she must take her hand in front her mouth so that the none mahram should not hear her real voice?

There's a hadith on this but I don't remember if it was referring to the wives of the prophet (s) or women in general, but it stated that when a non-mahram approach, the women would cover their mouth with a cloth to muzzle their voice so it can't be told if it's voice of a young woman or old one. Since i don't have the hadith on me, inshallah you can check out the links below.

Manners when talking to women.

Etiquette of talking to women.

and that wearing pants is not allowed for a muslim girl? :confused:

Wearing the pants by themselves is not allowed, not only are they an imitation of the men but they do not provide proper covering per requirement of the shariah. Wearing them under a garment such as an abayah is ok and allowed as they become part of the under garments then. If you had lose pants with a long shirt coming to the knees, some scholars may say it's ok. The site is a conservative site and says its not ok. Anyways, the links below shed more light on this.

Women wearing pants .

Ruling on women wearing pants under a short garment.

Can a woman go out wearing a long shirt with pants beneath?.

while someone is dead if he or she were good and inocent they go to heaven or they remain in their grave till qiyamah?

Only the prophets are located in the 7 heavens. No one is in paradise. Heaven and paradise (jannah) are not the same. Regarding all of us, we stay in the grave. A good soul is shown his or her place in Jannah and their grave is widened and a window from jannah is open into their grave so they can enjoy the warmth and fragrance coming. A evil soul's grave is tightened till their ribs interlock like fingers of the two hands and a window from hell is opened in the grave so they can feel the heat and stuff coming from there.
when someone is thrown in the hell fire and then will be forgived she or he has a sighn that people recongnize that he or she was in the hell first ?

Those that come out of the hell fire will be chard black and then they will be washed in the river of life before going to Jannah. They will bear a mark that will differentiate them from those who went straight to Jannah. It could be the mark of sajood or something else, not sure and couldn't find that particular hadith.

Muslim reports a lengthy hadith from Abu Hurayrah, in which the Prophet (saw) describes the Hereafter, and in which he says: "...When Allah (swt) has finished judging mankind, and wants to bring whomever He wills out of Hell by His Mercy, He will order angels to bring forth those upon who He wishes to bestow His mercy of the people who never associated anything in worship with Allah (swt), and who said, "Laa ilaaha illaah Allah". The angels will recognise them in Hell, and will known them by the mark of sujood on their foreheads. The Fire will consume all of a man except the mark of sujood which Allah (swt) has forbidden the Fire to consume. They will be brought forth, having been burned in the Fire, the water of life will be poured on then, and they will grow like seeds left by still after a flood". [Saheeh Muslim, Kitaab al-Imaan, Baab ar-Ru'yah, 1/299, no. 182]


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Dear sister , Assalamu alaikim
I like to remind myself and you with this part of a verse from Quran 5:6

(Allah doth not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to make you clean, and to complete his favour to you, that ye may be grateful.)

So fear Allah when you talk , try to be straight..... try not to make your words soft .....and may Allah forgive all of us .


Assalaam alaikum,

Could someone please be so kind and explain to me what a shalwar is? It is not a skirt.

Sister...often language gets in the way. .I do not wear undergarments with an abaya. An abaya is worn over clothes. Proper clothing is worn under an abaya be it a slacks, jeans, skirts, dresses, but not undergarments.

The bottom line is this: Modesty. Many Muslim women go out without an abaya. They feel that they are dressed modestly. Some wear abayas. Some wear coats. Some wear next to nothing. I have seen it all.

As there is no compulsion in religion we wear what is modest. A law can dictate what I should wear but wearing it does not a Believer make.

Scholars do their best to protect us from two things. One is to harm ourselves. That would be to sin. The second is to cause others to sin. The suggestions to cover and refrain from unnecessary talking is to help us focus on our faith. That is the reasoning behind some of the rules.

Common sense. In the US if a woman covered her mouth as she is talking she would probably be treated very poorly. That is the sign of someone who is sick. People would walk away. What this is trying to tell us is that silly girls should not be flirting with young men. Girls start to giggle and bounce thus the opening is there for soft talk as they say.

Thank you Sister said it all.


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All are requested to firstly ascertain if these are Islamic guidelines and secondly if its even the truth before going into a discussion. It could simply be some obscure cultural practice in contradiction to Islam or mere casual observation by the poster which is then generously applied to Islam.

Before answering anything the one asking the question should be asked to explain themselves in a satisfactory and detailed manner.



Assalaam alaikum,


The questions were asked.

Often we get very young members.

It is difficult to explain to a youngster that many "rules of dress' are culturally based. As well as code of behaviors.

It amazes me to see what is worn to salat; I see sisters chewing gum, wearing whatever, heads not covered etc etc etc.

We do not have leadership.