Rabbe Zidni Illma

Can anyone explain me how excessive laughter kills one's heart spirituality? *Reason*

According to a saheeh hadeeth, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not laugh too much, for excessive laughter kills the heart (i.e., spiritually) .”
(Reported by Ibn Maajah, no. 4193; Silsilah al-Saheehah, no. 506)



Assalaam alaikum,

Brother Tic Tac Toe,

Yes, brother.

What is never addressed is how sisters should behave in the masalla. I have broken up gossip sessions during the kuthba; I have given the look of Please when cell phones are answered.

We have the lack of female leadership. The role that should belong to the wives of the imam. ( see how I got that in). They are absent.

This ties in to the OP questions. How do sisters pray without abayas or as the sister responded over-garments? Can sisters pray with gloves on? Why sisters should not pray with niqab.

When a sister prays with jeans or a shalwar/keemezy thing it is not a nice sight. Sisters come into the masjid with no hijab and sling a loose scarf with hair flying around the shoulders.

Once is a lack of knowledge. I must write that our revert sisters do a good job and do it right.

As for the laughing.

Too much excess is not a good thing. When we laugh we let our emotions take over and often we forget what we are laughing about. We indulge in the emotion and not the situation.

We have to fight our souls to become emancipated. Any excess allows our souls to do what we do best. We forget who we are and why we are here.