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I wanted to know if any of you home school your kids. My son is about to turn 3 and I am thinking of home schooling him from here on out. However I have no idea how to start and what it is like. Of course I want to include Islamic education along with the normal stuff, science, math ect. I would love to send him to an Islamic school but where I live that is not possible.


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Walaikum Ssalaam,

HomeSchooling :) .

For some reason the idea is soo tempting. Its a worthy challenge for a parent to be able to teach.
If you are good with kids, then why not?! All kids are smart, most parents will say. Some kids come with a preference or lack of it for studies. Some kids learn better in a school environment. Its like some grown up preferring an office environment than home. So it can get tricky, when one falls short of patience and is unable to out-wit the smart kid ;). Okay am not scaring, just running my eyes over what I have seen. By the way, I have no experience in 'HomeSchool'. What are your reasons for preferring homeschool?

Some children are people friendly, some others are not. Would your child miss on the social environment that a school provides? Would this absense of socializing that a school provides, be a loss in your child's case.

Hope this sets thoughts rolling for you.

May Almighty bless your child with good wisdom and will to act on it... Ameen.
Jazakallaahu khairan.


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Wa aleikum salam

Dear sister, what a nice ideea mashallah, i would like to do the same when i will have kids inshallah, at least in the first years, from 3-8 years old.
I think that if you buy some textbooks similar with the ones used by school, will be good for guidance, will help you to make a daily plan.
But i also know is good for small kids to mix with others of his develop his social skills, making friends, sharing let us know inshallah what you decided.



:)Smile! It's Sunnah

Best of luck to you. There are tons of resources online for parents that want to home school their children (only a quick Google search away), that have lesson plans, daily agendas, tips, etc. That would be a good place to start. It will be tough though, giving him an equivalent to 6 hours of education on a daily basis. You'll also have to make sure he/she is up to par with his/her public school counterparts. But don't be discouraged! At least you won't mess them up like the public school system does.

um muhammad al-mahdi

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assalamu alaykum sis,

I'm very pro homeschooling, have a look at this blog, the sister is a happy homeschooler mashallah and based on the experience of the sisters around me (90% of them is homeschooling mashallah) you don't need so many hours per day.

here is the link sorry:

may Allah help you to educate your son as a strong and pious Muslim!


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Assalamyu alakium,

Thank you for your thoughtful and wonderful replies. One of the reasons I want to homeschool him is in this area the schools are horrible on a good day. They had to close an elementary school due to the three others in the city being under capcity since people are not sending their kids to public school but either private or home schooling them. Another reason is I want him to get a proper Islamic education along with the secular one of science, math, history ect. I want him well rounded and he won't get that in public schools here. I have met more then one graduate of the High School up here that can barely read and that scares me. If we can move to a city where there is an Islamic school then I would send him there like a shot but seeing as currently I am the only Muslim I know in a 45 minute radius that just won't be happening lol

My son will be 3 at the end of September and he can identify all the letters of the alphabet, count to 13, knows his basic colors and 5 different shapes so we have been teaching him that stuff along with Sesame Street and Leapfrog learning tools. I just don't trust the public education system here in America anymore.


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Walaikum Ssalaam Warahmathullaahi wabarakaatuh,

Sister, you have concerns, plans and hopes for your child. One of the many sops of parenting. May Almighty bless you and your family ...Ameen

You seem to already lack trust in the basic education system in US, there are valid reasons for it. Europe's basic education seems to strike a balance. Education systems in other countries too has its own share of problems. Its a reflection of society I guess! We have a universal problem with every system - political, education, social, economic... A legacy we received and something we will soon pass on to next generation! (Ah , on a tangent.)

The first and best teacher is mother, the best school is the home. One more reason for homeschooling.
Homeschooling is common,; there are groups, associations; its not seen unfavorably, So another up vote.

Age 3..., curiosity tree (Some exhibit an endless loop! :) ). Keep feeding that. Kids usually dont get tired

And ah, Yes Islamic education is important. It usually goes hand in hand. When done right, your child will be well-balanced, grounded and will not prejudice a fellow being.

Jazakallahu Khairan!


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3 is so young still. I think it would be worth it to just try the public schools for a while so your kids can learn interpersonal skills and how to interact with others first. At the time when the kids start getting "smarter"/eviler you can then chose to do home schooling then.

Elhamdulillah I am born and raised in the USA and only went to public schools. Allah saved me from all sins seen by western civilization. But I am a very rare case indeed, I don't know many others like myself that did this. I also was not raised in a very religious themed atmosphere, so with your guidance and dua insallah your kids will be very good insallah.

That's my opinion at least, do whatever you think is best.


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Just google homeschooling blogs, there are plenty of muslim and non-muslim homeschool that you can extract ideas for your home school. I am thinking about homeschooling my son as well but I have a few years to go before he'll be ready.


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Join a community such as Habeebee homeschooling on FB

When your child is 5, try teaching him to read through and see how your patience and teaching. Some people can be impatient when teaching, and this will affect the child negatively on their learning experience. It's important to make everything a game and fun, because that's what children do, play. And it will be fun for you as well ;)

May you be rewarded for your efforts.