Hot Water


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lol this is crazy,:SMILY335: , i believe that jinns do excist in this world, there are good jinns and there are bad jinns just like us humans lol but they made out of fire:redface: , and we are made out of clay and water.:SMILY231:

:SMILY27: what ever you do doent look back lol hehehe.




Asslamo Allaikum,

Going off the Tangent...

It is true that we are made up of CLAY & WATER but due to physical/chemical reactions that CLAY & WATER is put to we are different & react differently to a small mixture of CLAY & WATER e.g

If you take a POT and simply mix CLAY & WATER and then expose it to elements you may find that it reacts differently to a human cell in a POT exposed to same elements...even though as stated by you that a human cell is made out of CLAY & WATER....


Being made out of FIRE doesn't necessarily mean that a being would react EXACTLY the same as ordinary FIRE (as we earthlings know of) would...

Off course this has no bearing on the question of Hot Water as my 1st line indicated that I am simply eluding to the nature of Chemistry, by going off the tangent as I usually do & muddying the water in the process instead of helping...

Jazakullah Khairun