HOW can people....?


AlQudsu tunadeena

i'm feeling slightly off the mark...the craziness of the world is having an impact on me...i've just realised Muslims around the world keep on saying :Allah is with us, he will help us (he sure will if we obey him)
many Muslims around the world, want the freedom of the west(not all, just the majority) and expect the help of Allah without obeying his orders, . it makes sense every thing works two ways, we Ask for Allah's help, + we don't obey his commands, and then if he helps us, be religious for abit, thank him and then forget we ever asked for his help! come on, he commands us to do thibg for our own good, not his. when a manafacturer gives us guarantee with a product, the product comes with a set of instructions, and if we don't use it according to the instroctions given, we can't expect help from them.
Same with Allah, i understand, he is All merciful and forgiving, with all his other beautiful characteristics, but that just sounds so ungrateful.

The whole Ummah is falling to pices,there is NO unity any where, either its nationalism or colour or familly and race. or groups and Hamas and Fatah, Sunni/shia, wahabbi/Deobandi, salafi it just goes on and on...Why dont Muslims learn to put the little diffrences aside and stand together as one people with thw shahadah as the main holding! even the non Muslims are
learning to do that united nations/Eurpean union, united states...they can be 'united' so can we , sadly, money and power, the love of the dunya is too great. if we were united the people would fear the Muslims and not treat them like dirt, the reason we are not united is Hubbud dunya wa karahiyatal mawt and the fact that Islamic education is lacking(the quality)
the value of islamic education has gone from the people, they have started degrading it, the love of worldly knowledge increases, as it increases the earning potential.and where ever islamic institues are opened the government wants to start interfering, so they can take out what they think is in appropriate(or else in my word , the bits that shows the student the true potential of true Islam)

Alhamdulillah the people on this site are great, with sense and great logical minds, and religious understanding...JazakAllahu kheir Brother Mabsoot for founding this site.

Ma assalaama

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I agree with you 100%...I'd just like to add 'United' Arab Emirates though. We are trying but obviously not enough, don't worry, inshala when Jesus asw decends, then we will be one! Until then, may Allah sw guide us and help us and have mercy on us.