How should student study Arabic grammar?

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Šayḫ Aḥmad Ibn ‘Umar al-Ḥāzimī – may Allāh protect him – says:

I received the following question:

How should student study Arabic grammar (naḥw)? What is the [best] way to learn grammar and other sciences of Arabic language? This should be appointed at the beginning, How should student study Arabic grammar?

There is no doubt that the grammar is one of the most difficult disciplines. This is the reason why a lot of people of knowledge prefer that grammar or the foundations of Islamic jurisprudence (uṣūl al-fiqh) are studied independently (with respect to other Islamic sciences).

That is to say that he may devote himself to a particular text, and that he does not read nothing but this text! Why? Because whatever text he read (and this is a general and methodological rule), it is essential that he learns it by heart, and consequently, that he studies only what has learned.

Firstly, its mnemonic learning;

Secondly, its paraphrase;

Thirdly, and this is specific to the grammar, and it is also related to the foundations of Islamic jurisprudence, the practical exercise; when the student has studied for example half of the book and is able to distinguish the name (ism) from the verb (fi‘l) and the particle (ḥarf), he put it into practice (This is a method adopted by Ethiopians and Mauritanians), then he returns to the book that has memorized for study it, in order to understand its meanings, and make its logical and grammatical analysis.

[Šayḫ al-Ḥāzimī makes here a series of examples…]

So one must learn by heart, there is no science without learning by heart, it is imperative to understand the meanings wanted by the author of the text.

Then, specifically with regard to the Arabic grammar, it is indispensable the practical exercise (taṭbīq al-‘amalī); and the practical exercise is the best support for a student. After having memorized (ḥifẓ) the book (or a part of it) then proceeds with its complete logical and grammatical analysis (i‘rāb); at that time, Arabic grammar will be easy for him…

The names change but the syntactic construction of the phrase is always the same. And the study of poems serves to know the different types of syntactic construction of the phrases. Especially in the study of poetry there are great difficulties that are not presents in the study of prose. Finally, the student will be trained and able to take advantage of what he has learned before.

Source: Mawqi‘ Faḍīlat aš-Šayḫ Aḥmad Ibn ‘Umar al-Ḥāzimī
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