How to recognize evil presence


I'm not what you believe
salam 'alikum to everybody,I was reading on internet how to recognize when somebody has been hit from evilish presence and I caught the occasion to share a few points to be sure that Satan exists but he can be defeated.You're free to think that we've treated this topic maybe 100 times,but as the Latins said:"Repetita yuvant".
I start from my onw experience,then if anyone here had the same symptoms,we can share it,just to get more informed and to feel better,bi Idni Illahi ta'ala.
the first time I felt bad it was in 2006:I was just reverted and I was going to marry.2 nights before the marriage I had a terrible nighmare,I couldn't sleep,it seemed I got crazy,because I heard a terrifyng whistle into my ears and when they called the Imam of the town,I wanted to run out the home.After many attempts to make me feel better,one day I started laughing so high that everybody turned to me.the more it was read me the Quran and the more I laughed and took a long time until I discovered that I was affected by evil eye.In 2009,I saw the figure of a dog staring at me(there was nothing)and I started seeing people around me(there was none).The Imam of Salè(Morocco) deduced that I was possessed because I at first was a truly praticant muslima,but one day I suddendly stopped because of the power of Satan and jinn over me.Everytime the imam recited the Ruqya,I got pain on some part of the body and someone talked at my place saying why he had possessed me.The main reason of my jinn possession were traumas,sadness,fear,anger.We went everyday from september to october 2009,until the day of my 25th birthday I had a shock and lost my memory for a week.a Jinn talked to my husband while everybody was crying for me(I didn't recognize anybody)and said that he shouldn't be my partner because I had to marry to the jinn at the age of can't image the inner pain of my dears seeing how I'd become...
From that experience I can confirm that there a some clear signs in which we can recognize the presence of Shaytan in one person.
  1. burning sensation during the lecture of the Quran
  2. repulsion toward Allah
  3. Physical weakness
  4. desire to laugh during the Ruqya
  5. desire to yawn and sleep during the Ruqya
  6. anger against the Sheikh or the dear ones
  7. hallucinations,voices and sounds
  8. nightmares,the presence of a black dog in the dreams
  9. sudden changement of the humour
  10. desire to runaway from the chaos into the head
Here there are some of the signs by which the Imam recognized the presence of evil,if you have the same situation or have something to add,just share to castaway the evil.
with me,alhamdulillah it worked good,it took many years and a lot of patience,but I can say that thank to this forum too,I feel healed.Plus,the continuous desire to remember Allah into my prayers and during the day helped and still help me to overcome the waswasa which try everyday to overcome me.

I'm sorry if I've recalled this topic,I felt the necessarity to do it,may Allah guide us all