I am now fully cleansed

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Hello brothers and sisters peace be upon you all I have finally managed to destroy all the inappropriate evil filth in my home there is now not a room in my home with non Muslim items in. I have gotten rid of my iPod and all such evil distraction to allow me to fully devote myself to Allahs will and our wonderful prophet peace be upon them


Assalamu alaikum dear brother!

May Allah s.w.t grant you happiness and success in this world and hereafter.
And may Allah s.w.t cause these actions of yours the satisfaction of Allah s.w.t and make it a means of paving your way to Jannah, ameen.

By the way, you could use iPod for listening to Quran and nasheeds, but if you have already got rid of it, then no worries.

Take care of yourself brother.



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thank you I will keep that in mind does anyone recommend any particular nasheeds

:salam2: i recommend the one nasheed called "don't talk to me Muhammad" by dawud wharnsby ali because it relates a true story that happened between prophet muhammad and this other elderly person. also the one called "our prophet" by dawud as well. and the one called "praise to the prophet" by zain bhikha.
and for quran, i'd recommend shaykh abu bakr as shatiri. has a really touching voice. his eriterinean(eriteria) and many people told me that he is very young, in his twenties.:salam2::ma:


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asslam o alikum
thats wonderful mashallah:)
afraid to read, people of the boxes, don't tak to me about muhammad(pbuh), the prophet, full of humility, what did i do today
all are by dawud wharnsby ali....i love all his nasheeds except there are a few with music in them now:(

also zain bhikha:
allah is enough for me, have you heard, orphan child, deen-il-islam, the heart of a muslim

theres another one Allah Knows by both zain bhikha and dawud wharnsby ali....i love that one

Hope that helped:)


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assalamu alaykum

I encourage qur'aan from the start :)

Because they are the words of Allah, and much better than nasheeds.

I dont like the idea of creating attachments to nasheeds, or as some do, stronger love for them than the Qur'aan. A type of degrading and...well it's wrong to me.

I think masha'allah that's really awesome, may Allah reward you, but i think qur'aan is better. Especially if you download surahs you want to learn. Repetition helps memorization and also pronunciation, insha'allah. (plus you get reward!!!)


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Brother/sister Islamic Lover i would Advise you to start listening to Islamic lectures on your ipod.

The perfect time is on the way to school/college/uni/work.