Article I believe muslims love each other

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I'm not usuall in posting an articles but why not. I believe muslims love each other but sometimes out of anger we can hate others. I was watching on youtube the post about muslims cursing others. In my case family members cursing other by bad language. Not so new. I'm here typing this so that somebody could response to me by any words. I'm too lazy wright now to explore different haddith about different topics. Some topic concern cursing others. As from my knowledge its not good but looks like Allah knows all about it as well as the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. The only thing that makes me wanna hate something is when i see something bad. I learned in islam that basically reall mu'mins hate what is bad and love what is good.
It sometimes comes to me i wanna punch somebody in his head - this is when i see hypocrisy.
And i wanna touch the topic about Syria. Looks like, from the speach of scheich Dr. Al Afiri, he told to the ummah where are those to be sacrified fe sabil illah for the things that happens in Syria. My concience hurts me because i didnt go there but i didnt because out of money for the trip. I'm no matter what things happening glad to be here you brothers and systers. And I enjoy my life and always i remember the tip that all is from Allah. Than i just feel happy and happy Allah has blessed us with such an honor.

Salam Aleykum Wa Rahmetullahi Wa Barakatuh