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Um Ibrahim

Alhamdulilah :)
Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters of TTI!

OK, I have been noticing something lately...there are a lot of documentaries about Muslim Arab countries and how there are all sorts of oppression going on there. I didn't look or search for it, it was just on the youtube feeds, and some on other's Facebook pages etc. Anyway, I've seen a documentary about how maids in Saudi Arabia get treated--not good at all! and I've seen another documentary on the construction workers of Dubai and they also are treated terribly, just to name a few. Are these just propaganda by Muslim and Islam haters or is it really true?

Subhanalaah! I was so shocked at what the people who were in these documentaries were reporting. I was saddened at first that Muslims would do such things, then I thought, hey wait a minute...these documentaries may not even be true! So what do ya'll know about it?.

Jazaakumulaahu kheyran

um muhammad al-mahdi

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wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah dear sister,

Hmmm, I don't know, it might be done by Islam haters but it might be true as well. Remember that Islam is perfect, Muslim are not. And Allah knows best!

Jazakillahu khayran!


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:salam:, ukhty.

I've heard all sorts of things about the Muslim countries over the years. Some from the people who've experienced it first hand and others from documentaries. And the complaints are practically about every single Muslim country from Libya to Egypt to Yemen to UAE to Syria to KSA. And subhaanallaah, it's really heartbreaking. We're now in the generation where it has become common to see Muslims oppressing other Muslims and racism/nationalism has entered into the hearts of most Muslims.

May Allaah `azza wa jall guide us all and purify our hearts from such sickness.

Um Ibrahim

Alhamdulilah :)
Yeah true to what you both sisters say, but it is really sad to think that Muslims who believe in Allah would treat other human beings like that--with no respect, honor or kindness. I wonder how these Muslims in these countries oppress people and then stand in front of Allah everyday to pray? I guess maybe they don't think what they're doing is wrong.

May Allah guide all of us.


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Wa'alaikum as'salaam,

It is very real and a great concern. non-saudi natives are abused, tortured, raped and even murdered while the society and legal system lets it go on, not punishing their own kind. This isn't a middle east problem as much as a gulf problem.



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Indonesia bans sending maids to Kuwait over abuse

by Elsa Baxter - 15 October 2009

Indonesia has indefinitely suspended the traffic of domestic helpers to Kuwait due to concern over widespread abuse and exploitation by their employers, the labour ministry said Thursday.

About 500 women with complaints ranging from physical beatings to the denial of pay are sheltering at the Indonesian embassy in the oil-rich Gulf emirate, awaiting assistance to be sent home, ministry spokesman Budhi Laksana told AFP.

At Indonesia's request, Kuwait stopped accepting new maid arrivals on September 14, he said.

"We have temporarily stopped sending domestic helpers to Kuwait since September 14 to protect our helpers who had problems with their employers there," Laksana said.

"The suspension will go on indefinitely until the problems are sorted out."

There are around 60,000 Indonesian domestic helpers in Kuwait and they are typically paid as little as 60 Kuwaiti dinars ($210) a month, he said.

"Most said they were owed salaries and when they asked their employers for the money, they were beaten up and some ended up in hospital," Laksana said, referring to the 500 women at the embassy.

Indonesia imposed a similar ban on sending maids to Malaysia in June, after a 43-year-old Malaysian woman was charged with causing grievous bodily harm by beating and scalding her Indonesian employee her with boiling water.

"We haven't lifted the ban in Malaysia because the problems our helpers faced there haven't been solved," Laksana said.

Um Ibrahim

Alhamdulilah :)
Sister Islamamerica, thanks for that information. You know I wasn't sure about what I was reading and watching in these documentaries. Subhanalaah it's really sad. The documenatries I watched were about Ethiopian women who are maids in Saudi and how they are just treated so horribly. Every one of these women were saying that the men who they were working for pursued them or were trying to, never mind the fact that they have a wife and family! It was disgusting! and thats why I didn't believe it at first. It's just something which I couldn't get my mind around. These people who live in the blessed land, who are Muslims doing such horrible things! What is the world coming to?!

Good for Indonesia putting a stop to sending workers to a place where their people are mistreated.