I just converted!!!


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Alhamdulillah... I pray that you'll be blessed by Allah. Just remember, should you face any difficulties at all, be it in learning the basics of being a Muslim, or the challenges you face from people of different religion, always surrender yourself to Allah and seek for His help.

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
:salam2: :ma::ma::ma::ma:....
it is a shock for me....
ya allah!...i am surprised to see this sister...
atlast allah has shown you the truth.....
may allah guide us all -ameen..
...........sister, now, you have to be a lot more carfull, because, saithan (evil), will try to take you astray...
..may allah clear all your questions, and doubts based on islam..


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welcome to ISLAM


MAY ALLAH reward you

sister i want send you private message but you have alot of store messengs can you clean so i can send a message and again welcome to Islam:hijabi:


Always Alhamdulilah

OMG I'm sosooso glad to hear- inshaAllah you'll find everything easy ameen!

If u have any questions- just ask sister. I'll do my best to help u.. :D :D :D

U can mail me :D



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salaam aleikum

whhaaaa i feel so happy for u !! =D
Really nice to hear this, where u from?

If u need any advice u can ask me anythime!!
I don't know if i will be able to answer it but maybe i can help u with home situations or starters tips =p

I also converted rencently.. tomorrow it will be 2 weeks ago alhamdulilah =)

May Allah bless u and make it easy for u !!



I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
your news made my day
MAy ALLAH make everything easy for you.Ameen
Welcome to the beautiful religion of ISlam.
take care


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SubhanAllah the third shahdaah i heard on tti in last 2 days mashAllah the i can see the wave of truth flowing frm west........


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SubhanAllah the third shahdaah i heard on tti in last 2 days mashAllah the i can see the wave of truth flowing frm west........

we can hear more if all of us are together and help everyone as much as possible.

ask ourselves,how many of us really into dawah?how many of us really follow what is written in Al-Ikhlas?

there is no any rules that you must convert in the mosque

during our Prophet's (pbuh) time,people came to him and took the syahadah.

i myself converted through skype through another revert

being a muslim is about declaring that ur the servant of Allah and u obey Him.

u can take ur syahadah anywhere any time.Coz Allah sees u and Hears u.but we muslim should guide them in saying the syahadah correctly.

plz sisters and brothers in this forum.if there is any sisters or brothers say want to convert,stop saying that "you must go to a nearby mosque to convert".
what if he/she die before she could find the mosque?who is responsibble to take the blame?
there was one sister on tti,she waited almost 1 week to go to a mosque to take syhadah.but Alhamdulilah she manage to convert.but we as human dont know anything and can't predict anything.

make full use of the technology


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salam alikoum wa rahmatu Allhi wa barakatuh

wzlcome sister ti TTI and ti your second family
enjoy your stay


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congratulatoins sister, you are most blessed one. we pray May Allah swt keep you in right path. ameen


make dua 4 ma finals
Peace be with you my new sister:D

subhanaAllah!!!! all praises are due to Allah for giving you the guidance!!! we thank HIM and seek His forgiveness in this joyous days where alot of revertions have taken place in our TTI family!!!!
Welcome to Islam and welcome to the new way of life:D:D:D:D:D
may Allah pave an easy path for you in this amaazing journey! ameeen ya Ilahi
I welcome you once again to islam and as others have already said, dont rush yourself!!!:D
take baby steps and you'll get there inshaAllah:D
Allah be with you all alwaaaaaayssss my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet sister:D


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I just read is not right to post prayers, i didnt know:shymuslima1:

je suis desolee!! my mistake i guess, but why is not correct may someone tell me?