I miss you all.....

Abdul Hasib

Student of Knowledge
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ومغفرته وتوجيهاته وحبه له ورضوانه يا أيها الحبيب الاخوة والاخوات الذين أحبهم لأجله




Assalamu Aleykum my brothers and sisters, those whom I love I love for Allah (SWT)'s sake, and May he Bestow upon you all with his mercy, his blessings, his forgiveness, his guidance, his love, and his pleasure (for your sincere deeds), Ameen.

Oh my dear brothers and sisters, a very long time has passed since I've ever talked to any of you. These past months have DEFINATELY been extremely hard
upon me, and please brothers and sisters, I hope none of you are sad or upsetabout what I have done, PLEASE don't be upset or angry at me, and please don't feel that I have forgotten about ANY of you, bec
ause Alhamdulilllah, that's impossible, how can I ever forget about my beloved family, my beloved brothers and sisters, whom I love for Allah (SWT)'s sake? Subhanallah the tears flow from my eyes whenever I remember all of you, and greif and sadness strikes my heart because I miss those special beautiful times with you, Oh my Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

I'm hated over here in my Madrassah. Many people have made me their enemy (but Alhamdulillah, it's not because I have done anything to them, but) because they find me as a great target to being bullied, mocked, and looked down upon, even though they all know that there's nothing about me that's wrong, they just have this desire to cause pain upon my heart, by spreading rumors about me, embarrassing me infront of others, and trying to make me feel
disgraced and sad [and to tell you the truth, all of those students that do treat me like this are all younger than me, shorter than me, and weaker than I am (LoL, I'm glad that I'm 5 ft. 7in. with Alhamdulillah, a long beard ( about over an inch) even though I'm just 15 :)], but Subhanallah! I'm so glad that I have my Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta Alla! Allahu Akbar, I am just SO grateful that Allah (SWT) has guided me to Islam (and taking me away from the "youth culture" AKA "Gangsta lifestyle"), and Alhamdulillah, his blessings are so great that I can't even describe them in a few words, but Alhamdulillah, he is always forgiving and merciful to those who sincerely seek his forgiveness, and he is always supportive to those that work hard to please him, and who are loyal to him, Subhanahu wa Ta Alla. :)

And Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful to Allah (SWT) that I have all of you dear beloved brothers and sisters in my life, Subhanallah! :) Whenever I go through any difficulties, I start to remember Allah (SWT), and also all of you (he has made you all to be a source of comfort and tranquility for me during difficult times). Subhanallah :(, I'm crying right now as I write this message, but PLEASE my dear beloved ones, remember to NEVER despair when hardships befall any of you! :) Because Indeed! Allah (SWT) is always there for you my dear brothers and sisters, and he is WAITING for you. Yes, he is WAITING for you. Whenever any injury comes to your heart, when any sadness strikes you, remember my dear ones! Remember to find hope, comfort, and tranquility in his rememberance and in your Ebadah! For Verily! The ones who love Alllah (SWT) will ALWAYS find happiness and tranquility when they remember that their beloved Rabb is there for them! Who is there to comfort them, and Indeed, my beloved brothers and sisters, I have a strong feeling inside my heart, that we will meet soon! We will meet together soon in the Akirah (no matter how long we live in this world), and we will be in Ad-Daar-us-Salaam, The Abode of Tranquility! And best of all, Allah (SWT) will be there with us! :)
That is the place for those who despite their disabilities, they intend and make great effort to become Pious Muslimun, in order that Allah (SWT) is pleased with them! :)

Dear brothers and sisters, I love all of you, and Alhamdulillah, I'm always makind dua for all of you, because all of you are so beloved to me, because you are the ones whom Allah (SWT) has blessed me with, and he has made you all be a source of comfort and happiness for me, and so I have said all of this because it is straight from my heart, and also because I know that many of you go through hardships and difficulties in life, and I wanted to encourage all of you and keep you stronger, because this Duniyah is difficult, but always, one will find comfort, tranquility, and help when they have Taqwa of Allah (SWT) and when they are loyal to him. :) And so please, I'm not sure when's the next time that I will be able to talk to any of you, but I want all of you to reply this message of mine, and I want you all to forgive me, because I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR ALLAH (SWT)'S SAKE, and I don't want any of you to be sad, okay? :)

And so now this letter of mine to all of you is coming to an end, but I hope that Allah (SWT) forgives me, and that you all also forgive me, incase I have said anything or done anything wrong, and I hope that this message has been of GREAT and EXTREME benefit, hope, happiness, tranquility, and encouragement for all of you, and even though I must finish my letter now, I just want all of you to know and remember that I ALWAYS LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR ALLAH (SWT)'S SAKE, alright? *smile* :)

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ومغفرته وتوجيهاته وحبه له ورضوانه يا أيها الحبيب الاخوة والاخوات الذين أحبهم لأجله

Assalamu Aleykum my beloved brothers and sisters whom I love for Allah (SWT)'s sake, and May his mercy, his blessings, his forgiveness, his guidance, his Love, and his Pleasure be upon all of you, Ameen!


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assalamu alaikum~ my choto bhai,
i am so touched by your letter it made me cry. you are one of the most blessed person that Allah swt kept you in right path. i am so proud of you my choto bhai, that you are following the true islam even though facing ample hardships. i know are going through so many hardships in that society, specially in your school and surroundings and so on. May Allah swt grant eternal piece in your mind. bhai, when you are sad or feel heavy just remember our beloved prophet (s) that will make you strong mentally and spiritually. i will pray for you so ALLAH swt keep you in right path, make you succed and grant you jannatul ferdaous. Definitely, he will reward you for your piety and hardships in this world. i love you my choto bhai.


Thank You Allah!
Walaykumu salaam warahmatullah

Welcome back dear brother. You had us worried for a loooooong time. Please don't leave like that...:(

Your letter made me cry as well...I can't write anymore

Please take care and keep writing to us.

ya allah madad

and :wasalam:
brother i wont say"dont be sad" because you are not sad alhumdulillah and jazakallah khair for your beautiful and kind words.indeed Allah subhanahu watala is always there for us mashallah and we must be grateful to Him.
cheer up little brother,you made my day.:hearts:


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wa allaicumu salam wa raahmatullah wa baraktuhu our dear brother.

It is really happy news to hear from you MashAllah,and to hear you were under Mercy of Allah and His Protection all this time:hijabi:. May Allah still keep you like that,and help you in your new school. May Allah make easy things for you and give you relif with your beautiful eman and keep you always like that, close to Allah.. ameen. May Allah love you the same like you love us,and we love you too for the sake of Allah.

Please do not be sad never dear brother,and do not leave us again Inshallah.Your words and pious duas means a loot for me,and for all other sisters and brothers here.

May Allah bless you always



Salam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Abdul Hasib,

Wow! It has truly been a long time since you last graced us with your words! I have wondered about where you've been recently and I'm glad that you gave us this update. Regarding the hardships you've had to endure recently, I can tell you, dear brother, that it counts as a type of expiation for the sins that every man commits. I've been where you are and alhamdulillah I got through it. The best thing to do is to always remember Allah. Constant dhikr, constant prayer, constant Quran, constant remembrance. You'll see for yourself how it will benefit you and I know it will inshAllah.

As for these idiots around you that like to pick on you, just know that its jealousy and hatred that fuels them. People sometimes feel jealous of a person's piety and feel that they can never attain it themselves so they pick on the person that has it in order to make themselves feel better. People like that will never succeed in life, Abdul Hasib. Always remember that. Individuals that feed off of another person's pain will never get far and sooner or later, they will be knocked down a peg or two.

Don't ever be afraid of being a "stranger". As the Prophet s.a.w. said "Islam came to the world as something strange and it will leave the world as something strange. So glad tidings to those who are strangers!" Continue to embrace your deen and inshAllah Allah SWT will continue to embrace you. This is just a trial and Allah SWT knows that you can handle it, otherwise he would not have given it to you. InshAllah, all this can do is make you stronger in the end, and knowing how strong you already are, that will make for one AMAZING Muslim inshAllah. Listen to your baji! :)


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum brother


Subhana Allah! That was a sweet letter! Yeah, it happens people just say things about other people. Gossip! I hate that, yet we all have to live with that. But brother just tell them to stop. Tell that you respect them because they are younger than you, so let them respect you because you are older that them. You can't let little Kids rule your life like that. Quit letting them cross the line! I mean don't get me wrong. I'm telling you to know 'em out or something, just start by talking to them first and be serious about getting your point across. May Allah bless you akhi amiin. Truly, you are a great Muslim.



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Awwwwwww- we're SO glad your back- for a time at least. :D
Your letter made me cry bro- very meaningful.
May Allah protect you from harm and raise you above the wronddoers. Ameen.:)

Wow- well, we've all dealt with those kind of people before. :)
They're probably just jealous of your aweesome beard! :lol:
No- but I agree with sis above.
Sure- I guess you could draw the line. But you could also just laugh at them when they do those type of things, or shake your head at how pathetic they are. I also agree with sister ShanazZ, people like that get "blown down by the prairie wind before they make it acorss" :p. ;)

May Allah guide them. Ameen.

Salam bro!!!!! :D

And don't take so long coming back. :lol:



Long time akhiiii!
So happpy to hear from you! :D Please take care brother and keep in touch.

MashaALlah so nice to see your love for Islam and your brothers and sisters ;)

Keep strong and dont let those people pull you down!



Assalaam walaikum,

My love dearest son to you. You know you are in my heart.

Are you getting enough sleep and are you eating enough. Please let us know.


Muslim Unity...
My beloved little bhaii!!! wallahi its so great to hear
from you again Alhamdulillah....May Allah ease your pain...
May Allah make everything easy for you bhai listen
stay strong people will always wnna pull you down
but don't let them!!!! my heart fills up sadness hearing you going through hard time but remember Allah tests those he loves he wants you to come closer to him:) your always there to make us smile
subhanaAllah may Allah bless you :)
May he fill ur life up with smiles:)
so yh its sooooo good to hear from you akhi
please just take care of yourself
and Keep making dua:) everything will be ok
don't worry 2 much Akhi love you too for the sake of Allah:hearts:


Knowledge is Power.
A very meanful letter, i don't know you at all, but you are my islamic brother and
may allah reward you for your hardship and constant rememberance of the creator.