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Think of and share with us:

1] a social norm{or any habitual behaviour} commonly spread in your community which if negative conflicts with Islamic principles and if positive coincides with Islamic principles.

2] a myth{might or might not relate to Islam} which was spread in your community during your childhood or up till now.

_ If you share a negative social norm or any negative habitual behaviour then you must share also how to tackle it.
_ In order to write your posts you must rate the previous post/s thereby the post with most likes is the winner of nothing.{Hint:beware of how you rate}
_ As the game{or whatever this is} advances one can share either of the two:a social norm or a myth.
_As for a code of conduct only one rule applies{behave as a muslim}.

Alright then I begin...
social norm
At the time when a lunar eclipse occurs,people come out of houses in crowds and walk all over the location with some one who carries a container full of burning incense leading them.And all along the way people chant words that seem to be {not bad to me}.This a negative social norm and which I do not know where we borrowed it from.Islamically,we offer a prayer{khusuf}during lunar eclipse.

how to tackle it
As the people do this strange act,you see the Imam leading Khusuf prayer in the mosque{neglecting or ignoring them}.I think it is the duty of the Imam to rebuke that act before or after prayer or any other time.Also I think people of knowledge in such a locality should take Jawlah{patrol} house by house once in a week or so to enlighten people on that matter.

All along our innocent childhood it was commonly spread myth that Masiixu Dajaal{Dajjal} resides or is chained in the triangle of Bermuda{I say this is a myth becouse there is nothing that explains it}.This English word 'triangle' I have known it before any other English word we used to say 'triangalka barmudo'

may Allah guide us to His straightened path...aamiin


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habitual behaviour
After the completion of the Quran by a student,in my country it is a common culture to pay the teacher 'Qalin' an offer of a she-camel or its equivalent.This a great practice I think we may have borrowed it from the Arabs.
in my country when it rains and the sun is at the same time shining or is observable,then people say a she- elephant or a she- hyena or a lioness is giving birth.A tame myth!

The reason why I have started this is I have seen certain occasions where culture of certain people is mingled with the Religion.Since I have no right to finger-point others,I thought it is suitable for every one to point out their own{communities} wrongdoings hence creating awareness.Once the pollutants are detected we can then claim the environment is safe or can be saved.