Ijaazah Program


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An Ijaazah is a certificate used primarily to indicate that one has been authorized by a higher authority to transmit a certain subject or text of Islamic knowledge. Studio Arabiya offers a complete Ijaazah Program in the Quran with a strong Sanad to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

This course is for getting your Ijaazah in Quran Recitation.


What will you learn?

If you have studied and perfected your tajweed and recitation, then you are perfect for this online program. All students must meet the required level of tajweed prior to entering the Ijaazah Program.

If a student applies for the Ijaazah Program but does not qualify with the proper level of tajweed, he/she will not be accepted into the Ijaazah program. If this is the case, then we recommend that you sign up for our online Quran course, if you haven’t already. Once you have perfected your tajweed and reciation, you can apply again for the Ijaazah Program. Upon completing the Ijaazah program, you will receive a certificate from Studio Arabiya as well as the Ijaazah with Sanad from your scholar.