Sisters I'm new here!!

Assalamalaikum sisters!

my name is Khadija..i'm from India..! i just joined this website..hoping to learn new things about my religion..and meeting sisters who are Alhamdulilah ahead of me in deen..:):) hope to make some new friends here..and have a lil' fun:D

May Allah bless you all..ameen:)


Not a perfect Muslim but a striving one! :)
Walakiumas Salam waramatallahi, sister Khadija! Welcome to this site. Insha'Allah, I hope you'll find exactly what you're looking for here. You'll meet such great sisters here for sure (I know I have) and the Muslim community is just amazing, masha'Allah! :SMILY252:

Aliya Javed

Shyness is the most beautiful character
Salam dear sister Khadija. Wlcm to this wonderful site :). You must find some of the good books in There are free islamic books which may help you and inshaallah increase your religious knowledge...