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Assalaam Alaykum Jamiian,

brothers and Sisters,

My name is Mohammed Abu-Zakaria, I am from the Sultanate of Oman. I live in Muscat (our capital). Just for those who are not familiar with the location of Oman, it is situated near Dubai.

I am marrried and I have kids. I am glad to join this site where I can change and exchange views with my brothers and sisters from around the world and, for real, learn something new everyday.

my hobbies are to work in the way of Allah and i am very much interested in comparative studies. In fact I write few articles about some selected topics. I would love to share my findings with my brothers and sisters and those who seek the truth.

So for now, I wish all of you my brothers and sisters Ramadhan Kareen

Mohammed Abu-Zakaria


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salamou alekoum mohamed,

Welcome to TTI enjoy your stay here and ramadan kareem to you to ;)

salam to all


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assalaamu alaikum and welcome to TTI

I stopped over in Muscat recently on the way to Dubai and it was very beautiful and the people were masha'allah very hospitable and nice - lovely place.

Enjoy your time here insha'allah.


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:wasalam: to bro Mohammed Abu-Zakaria and all...

wellcome brother.....i hope and pray that you will have a wonderful time here.....



Ahmad M. Al-Marshoud
WeLCoMe To TTi
enjoy your stay here and if you want you can check the forums in TTI

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