Iraqi militias kill two Palestinian refugees, impose taxes on others

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[ 13/03/2007 - 06:12 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Two Palestinian refugees in Iraq were killed at the hands of armed sectarian militias believed to be sanctioned by the US occupation forces in that Arab country, well-informed Palestinian sources affirmed.

According to the sources, Palestinian refugee Mohammed Ali Sadek and one of his companions (not yet identified) died when armed Iraqi militias stormed their home in the Ghazaleyya suburb in the capital Baghdad, and shot them.

On Tuesday, the PA refugees affairs ministry in the PA caretaker government issued a statement over the incident (a copy of which was obtained by the PIC), affirming that Iraqi militiamen in plain clothes on board Iraqi police vehicles stormed the building of Palestinian refugees in Al-Nedal street and imposed 200 dollars tax money on each refugee to spare his/her life.

In addition, the armed gangs gave the refugees two days to evacuate the building and leave to temporary refugee camps at the Iraqi-Syrian borders or else they will be killed.

More than 140 Palestinian refugees have been killed and hundreds others were kidnapped, jailed, and tortured in Iraqi and American-administered jails since the US-led forces occupied that Arab country in 2003.

Thousands of Palestinian refugees, including children, women, and elderly people among others fled the country and sought refuge in neighboring Arab countries, but found the borders closed before them, forcing them to remain in temporary tents in the open air amidst absolute lack of basic human needs.


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This is very sad, and it is happening a lot to Palestinians in Iraq.

Militias like "Jaish AlMahdi" or the Badr Brigades, or the government Death Squads are responsible.

(What happened to your other thread about Hamas? Maybe it was deleted because it had the word Zawahiri?)

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america is a fool goat. ygly little brute. The Iraqi militia and the betrayers like Suadi or Busharaf, or Karzai, should just bend down and kiss george bush's toes becuase that's what they're doing. Those blunt idiots. I hope that Allah Subhanna Wa Ta Ala romoves and destroys the apostate Suadi government. And Inshallah Taliban will destroy Karzai, and Al Qaeda will destroy those who hurt the innocent muslims, and Inshallah Allah will destroy Busharaff and HIS government.
The betrayers are soooooooo low, they're lower than Bush and his worms, which include Ryce.


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This is very sad, and it is happening a lot to Palestinians in Iraq.

Militias like "Jaish AlMahdi" or the Badr Brigades, or the government Death Squads are responsible.

(What happened to your other thread about Hamas? Maybe it was deleted because it had the word Zawahiri?)

Assalamu alaykum,

please remember that we have difficult job moderating this website. It is not a free speech website, nor is it a site designed for political discussion or debate. We pay 100s dollars each month, to keep this site running. - We dont want people arguing, or discussing things without real Islamic knowledge or proper relevance. - There is no point to that.

The News and Currect affairs section is only to highlight the double standards that the War Criminals and States that illegally occupy and destroy Muslim lands have. - It is to show the truth, that is that neither Islam nor Muslims are terrorist, that in reality there is far greater terrorism happening in the form of State Terrorism.

It is in order to aid the Muslims to return to Islam properly and so we can rectify ourselves and unite on the truth.

- At same time, we condemn any acts that happen that are against the original teachings of Islam. We do not condone or support evil groups that just happen to call themselves Muslims but have actions that contradict Islam.

There will be people with ideas in their mind, with little knowledge of who the groups are, what they teach and so forth. i.e. the silly people who think Nasrallah is a good Muslim and a hero. When, in reality he is not even a Muslim. He is someone who says the most filthy things. This is evident in his speeches and lectures, and the lectures of his teachers and his friends.

Our first priority as Muslims is to teach ourselves and our families correct Islam. Beginning and finishing with Tawheed. Tawheed is most important part of Islam, it is what all the Prophet's taught, it is what the Quran teaches, it is what Allah created us for, i.e. to worship him alone.

Many of the Shiites and other groups are no different to the Pagans of Quraish. For the Quraish worshipped Allah. They believed that Allah was the Lord of All the world. They believed in Tawheed Ruboobiyyah. Tawheed of Lordship. However, they had put false Gods besides that of Allah. They set up worshipping associating partners with Allah, Shirk al Akbar. The Major Shirk - This is same as some of the Shia and Sufi people who pray to their various Saints and "Imams".

The Shia Clerics in Iraq have stated that killing of Sunni Imams is allowed, they have also closed their eyes to Muslim Sunni women being kidnapped and raped... These people get their money and support from Iran. Iraq is just a child of Iran now. They do many evil things to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq. Through the police force and government institutions. And the American soldiers are often a part of this brutality, often laughing when Sunnis get beaten up by Shia police. (I have video of this from Channel 4 news report)

They kill, kidnap all Sunni intellectuals, doctors, teachers, professors, engineers, architects, and Imams. They blowup houses and kidnap people so that they move their homes. They walk into homes, sometimes with police escort and take whatever they want from the homes.

And -- these are the same people who love Hizbullah (which is really Hizb Shaytan). Hizb Shaytan members stated many times to our Muslim bros of Tripoli and north Lebanon that they will invade and destroy their homes. This, is the reality.

This our Muslim sister raped by the Shia Iraqi Police:


The worst thing these disbelievers do, is Shirk, associating partners with Allah.

This one example of their Shirk,

There is also another video where an Arab Shia cleric says that Ibrahim (alayhisalam) was only saved from the fire when he screamed "ya hussin."



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Aw poor sister. :( And I said it once brother Mabsoot, but I'll dsay it again.

Nut Mashallah anyone can see the differance between the Mushrik Shia adn Sunni. Especially thay guy in the video would do better being in a hippo dance. lol. :D


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how can they rape that sister. This is what the west must think of us. Barbarians.

Assalamu alaykum

there are criminals and bad people in all societies and places. These people have nothing to do with True ISlam. They are not even Muslim. This is the point that is being made. - They dont have Islamic beliefs. Those are the people that Bush and Blair put in power!! Those are the people that Iraq is being given to. Those are the people that want to put in place their own draconian laws that will destroy Muslims and they want to get rid of true Islam in order to replace it with their Iranian Shiite ideology of disbelief.

Likewise, the people in the ME and other Islamic regions consider the West as Barbarians for when their armies rape and kill innocent people... and then after they get caught they either get away with it (like the torturers and murderers of Baha Moussa) or get very lenient prison sentences!

Infact, has anyone even heard of Baha moussa? He was imprisoned by British soldiers and beaten up till he died.. he had dozens of broken bones aand internal injuries. There were several eye witnesses... who said they saw the men beating and torturing him and other Iraqi citizens. A post-mortem examination found that Baha suffered multiple injuries (at least ninety-three), including fractured ribs and a broken nose, which were 'in part' the cause of his death

The result ????
  1. Col Jorge Mendonca - cleared of negligently performing a duty
  2. Sgt Kelvin Stacey - cleared of common assault
  3. L/Cpl Wayne Crowcroft - cleared of inhumane treatment
  4. Pte Darren Fallon - cleared of inhumane treatment
  5. Cpl Donald Payne - admitted inhumane treatment, cleared of manslaughter and perverting the course of justice
  6. Warrant Officer Mark Davies - charged with negligently performing a duty
  7. Maj Michael Peebles - charged with negligently performing a duty
So the only charges were for petty negligence.

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