Is Jesus God?


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Whenever Profess returns, before making a post, I would request he:

1. Watches the video I posted in Post Number 92. It deals with everything he's been asking so far - how the Bible was corrupted, what Jesus's real teachings were, how and where does Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quran fit in.. it even gives the answer to his question: Are muslims the AntiChrist?

2. Reads the scholarly quote I posted in Post Number 97. I don't think he read that, because it again answered his questions as to what we believed happened to the Gospel and Torah - with Quranic and Christian scholarly evidence.

Until the points in these two posts are understood, there's no point in continuing the discussions further as it'll just go in circles like its been doing so far.

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It is strange, but I myself found myself at Islam because of the very question this thread asks. When I asked questions within my church, I was told 'merely have faith'. When I asked questions about Islam at my university IslamSoc and in mosques I was told 'we believe this is 'X' because of 'Y' verse of Qur'an' or 'this comes from 'Z' hadith' to every question I could ask. Plus the answers were logical and factual.


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I find the Sura's I posted quite compelling proofs of what I've claimed. You have not provided any alternate I'm a bit confused what you're view is about them. I'm no scholar and I freely admit I may be misinterpretting them, but taken at face value, and given the abundance of them, them do seem pretty compelling to me. You don't have to provide your interpretation, but I was hoping you could.

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None of the books in the New Testament existed during the life of Jesus (pbu). Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were all written within 35 to 85 years after the departure of Jesus. Mark was written first. then Matthew and Luke used Mark as a reference to write their gospals. Then John wrote somewhere around 85CE. Paul was writing before then. Scholars agree that he was writing somewhere around 25 years post Jesus. Given these facts, when the Quran talks about the Injeel, it is not referring to the New Testament you have today. It is referring to the same exact word sent to Jesus during his life time on earth. This is the Injeel referenced in the Quran which is not in existence anywhere today. So, stop mixing up the Injeel with the bible. They are two different things.

You may want to read Book by Bart Ehrman to learn more about the bible.

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Assalamu 'alaykum

I havent been able to thoroughly go through this discussion, however I will make it clear that although discussion and debate is being allowed - clear preaching or anyone who comes with utter disregard to Islam and Muslims will not be permitted. For this reason, websites such as the one which was formerly posted here will not be allowed. They are clearly slated, create doubts and confusions through lies and insinuations and at the very core of their agenda are against Islam, not mere 'skepticism'.

Therefore I would request that these sites not be placed or linked to. In future there may be further repercussions for such. May Allah guide 'iprofessshirk' to the truth and make him sincere in his actions.