Problem Is killing innocent Israelis justifiable ?


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My dad thinks so.

I got SO ANGRY when my dad said that when israelis die its not a bad thing even when they are innocent is that a right thing to say ? He even said that suicide bombers are doing a noble thing, is that right ?

This is what I know, You cannot kill yourself and cannot kill innocent people and in my point of view most Israelis are brainwashed yes, but they are innocent and you cannot kill them. I even asked him what about if this Israeli was a young one , he said its also ok since young palestinians die to.


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wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Suicide bombers commit a crime against themselves, by taking their own lives and also by taking the life of those who are not soldiers. -

There are many arguments made, that all the "Israeli" are at war, that they enroll in the army at some time. This is not a valid point, most of those who die are women and children, often in crowded places like restaurants etc. So it is indiscriminate. It is desperate. Neither is the argument that the "Israeli" kill Palestinians make it allowed.

To be frank, having been to Palestine, I am surprised people voice so much concern when there are situations around the world that are even more grave for Muslims. - The people in Kashmir and Burma, our brothers are being killed and sisters raped. Where is the concern for them? or those in Africa. They are our dear brothers and sisters too.

Have patience with your father, and as long as he is not going to go and do something haram (in which case you should advise him and stop him from doing anything wrong), ignore and talk on a different topic!

In sha Allah khayr!

assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Wa`alaikum salaam warahmatullaah!

I think it's all of the elders nowadays that share these same thoughts as your dad. I recently found out my own father and an aunt of mine have very extreme opinions of what should be done to the "kuffaar" and "Israeli" people that live in lands where Muslims are persecuted. It scared me to hear their views...I wondered where their ideology would lead them one day.

But Inshaa'Allaah, deal with him gently. I'll tell you this from my own experience, parent do not like for their words/views to be opposed whatsoever. You're going to have a very hard time convincing him that killing innocent people is never ok as he seems to be passionate about this issue but you will get through him eventually, inshaa'Allaah.