Serious Is there any moderator there?

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They also use Az and Azz as well. They also seem interested in talking about cupping, Muslim Christian dialogue and Dajjals. It might be a good idea to investigate their IP address to determine if they are Non Muslim journalists looking at making the site and its users as extremists and then do an exclusive expose.

Two British tabloid newspapers did this to ummah. com a few years ago. The first, I believe it was the Sun, used a Non Muslim, to register and open threads asking members which Non Muslims should be killed, there were no takers. He then registered as another user and the two phantom users would talk about the same issues on other threads they both opened. It then went to press with as an extremist website based on their conversations alone. The second was when I believe the Mail tried similar tactics to incite members into speaking about sensitive subjects and using language to make it appear it was a good thing. is a mess already without those people. Lol.

I hate that website so much.

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Those trolls are back again. Don´t feed them by answering to their senseless posts but report them to admin.
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