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Islam for children stories - prophets of Allah - Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam
(Alaih Assalaam)

Adam (Alaih Assalaam) was the first man created by Allah. He was created to live on earth. However, Iblis did not like this. Although Iblis was made of fire, he lived with the angels. He thought he was better than Adam, so he became Adam’s enemy and decided to make Adam (Alaih Assalaam) disobey Allah.

Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife used to live in paradise, where they were put by Allah. Paradise was the most beautiful place you can imagine. It was neither hot nor cold. Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife were never hungry or thirsty. This was another thing which Iblis did not like. So Iblis came to Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife and told them to eat from a certain tree. Now, Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife knew very well that Allah had told them they must not even go near that tree. So they did not listen to Iblis, but Iblis kept on and on at them. He tempted them by saying that they could live for ever if they ate from that tree and would become like angels.

At last, worn down by the nagging of Iblis, Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife gave in. They came to believe what Iblis was telling them, and they ate from the tree, against Allah’s command. But they soon came to regret very much their disobedience and their weakness in listening to Iblis. Adam and his wife were very sad and asked Allah for His forgiveness. Allah forgave them, for He is very forgiving. Allah then told Adam and his wife that they must now go down to earth and live there for some time. But He promised that they would be allowed to return to paradise as long as they and their children were obedient to Him in future.

Allah also told Adam (Alaih Assalaam) that he would be Allah’s first prophet. Many prophets would be sent to mankind, and if man listens to the prophets’ words, he will come into paradise when he dies. But if he does not listen, then he will go to hell and remain there with the evil Iblis.

So, Adam (Alaih Assalaam) and his wife cam down to earth. On earth, they raised their children, and their children in their turn raised their children. In this way succeeding generations of mankind lived on earth and Allah sent His prophets to all of them. These prophets said: Worship only Allah. Allah has created you. Allah has made for you the plants and the animals so that you can eat them. Be grateful to Allah and always do good.

This is what Adam (Alaih Assalaam), the first prophet of Allah, told his children. After him there came many other prophets, and Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is the last of the prophets.

qul huwal-laahu ahad
al-laahus Samad
lam yalid walam yuulad
walam yakul lahuu kufuwan ahad


In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.
Say: He is Allah, the One
Allah, on whom all ever depend
He does not beget nor was he begotten
And none is like Him.

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qul huwal-laahu aHad



al-laahuS Samad



lam yalid walam yuulad



walam yakul lahuu kufuwan aHad




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