Allahu Akbar! Islam is the fastest growing religion!

Abu Juwairiya

Junior Member
Jazakallah Khayrun for the post brother. May Allah reward you.

May Allah make everyone who embraces Islam to retain the following things-

1. To remain Muslim
2. For everyone to be the best of Muslims
3. For everyone to have the correct understanding of Islam
4. For everyone to apply what they know for as long as they live
5. For everyone to strive towards learning about Allah and Islam and greater knowledge of Islam
6. For everyone to be great preachers and deliverers of Islam
7. For everyone to remain true to the conditions of the Shahadah
8. For everyone to remember the Akhirah and earnestly be target driven towards attaining Jannah
9. For everyone to have the best of Imaan
10. For everyone to love Shariah

Abu Juwairiya

Junior Member
Jazakallah Khayrun Brother.

I wrote the above after reading the Al Wala Al Baraa book by Saed Al Qahatani and the Tawheed books by Muhammad Al Wahaab, Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips and others. These books discuss the importance and significance of common Muslims worldwide first learning and then implementing knowledge.