Islamic Smart Application – Umrah & Hajj Guide


Hajj and Umrah Guide provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand Guide about the Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). Umrah & Hajj Guide is an Islamic Smartphone Application that helps Muslims everywhere throughout the world to think about each part of the execution of the religious ceremonies of Umrah and Hajj in the best way.

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Guidance & Information: Whole information about both Pilgrimages Umrah & Hajj.

Easy to understand: Simply comprehensible User Interface with beautiful visibility.

Swiping Option: Swiping within each Category makes it even easier to use.

Sharing Option: User can easily share this application on various sharing platforms.



Complete guideline about Umrah

Necessary and Basic information about Umrah and tells user about how to do Umrah. And information about Background, Meaning, Pillars and Rights of Performing Umrah. It covers all information regarding all steps of Umra, i.e. Ihram, Intention, Meeqat, Reaching Haram, Tawaf e Kabha, Saee, and Shaving Head.


Hajj Guide

Complete Guideline entire Hajj Rituals to be performed during Hajj Pilgrimage. The User will get its basic knowledge and Manasek like Time and Place, Eligibility, Prerequisites, Preparation, Fundamental and Compulsory Acts, all Day, Farewell Tawaf and Returning Home.


Ihram Instructions

Complete instructions about Ihram like Time of Wearing, Wajibat and Sunnah, Rules, Forbidden Things related to it.

Hajj Map

This division portrays beautiful sketch about important Places of Visiting during these Pilgrimages.

Destination Map

This category tells user about Distance and Time required in reaching from one destination to another during Pilgrimage.