Islamic Studies Online


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Studio Arabiya’s online Islamic Studies for Kids - Full Track course is created and developed in a way that facilitates learning at a pace suited to your child’s current level of knowledge. As all Global education is rapidly shifting to online education we understand the need for an online Islamic program where your child will receive support for successfully graduating the courses.

Studies have shown that children can memorize and learn new information when they are at an early age faster and easier than it will be later in life. This is why we encourage you that your child starts learning while at this younger age. Learning your children about the fundamental basics of his religion is an important step in his maturity and emotional development, therefore, we have created a complex program to support his development.


What will I learn?

Our Islamic Studies course is designed for all levels of knowledge, from beginner to advanced. The program is divided into 12 levels with approximately 30 hours for each level.

By the end of the online Islamic Studies lessons, your child will learn about acts of worship such as dua', stories of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), Muslim manners and characteristics, historical stories from the Quran and Sunnah and many more.

Online institutes offer a wide range of Islamic courses that are interesting. With the amazing benefits of new technologies, tutors can motivate their students to keep learning and never feel bored. This will also help students achieve significant progress in less time thanks to one-on-one attention, which can be difficult to attain in a traditional classroom setting.

Islamic Studies Online

The benefits of online Islamic studies will ensure that your child will get what they need and the way they need it rather than a fit-for-all approach. Studio Arabiya has quickly become one of the leading online Arabic & Quran institutes, providing education in all aspects of the Arabic language, the Quran, and Islamic Studies. We made it our mission to bring Islamic education to those who need it and are eager to learn by providing high-quality education and dedicated teachers.

Our Islamic courses are created and developed in a way that facilitates learning at the student's pace. Teaching your children about the fundamentals of the Islamic religion is an important step in their spiritual, intellectual and emotional development.