Language Policy on TTI


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Assalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

This post is intended to define the rules regarding language usage on TurnToIslam. If previously it was ambiguous or unclear and did not have specific mention within the Website Rules, this will serve as a clarification inshaAllaah.

The following is an outline of the language policies:

1. English is to be spoken on all Main Forums. As an international forum, we have to understand that we come from a plethora of places, with an abundance of different languages and dialects. The main commonality between most thereby - is the English Language. So while chatting in the main forums, we ask you keep this in mind and avoid using different languages.

FAQ: Why?

Answer: We ask this because as common sense has us understand, whatever language we may speak, regardless of how many members do understand, there will be many who don't. On a public thread we give precedence for participation of all members, thus it is very selfish to exclude them from understanding and being a part of the thread. Each person is valued and we want them to stand on equal ground, nobody appreciates being isolated and left out, so it stands to reason that we should be considerate and converse in a generally accepted and understood language.

2. Contain all other languages to their specific sub-Forums (if they have one). We have tried to accommodate different language sections for the ease and benefit of the users from different areas, but we ask that it be restricted to those areas only.

FAQ: Why don't we have an Urdu section?

Answer: An Urdu section is not possible at this moment due to limited capacity. There are usually a few specifically assigned moderators to every section in order so that we can keep an eye on things and try to make sure that it does not become such that anyone can say whatever they want. We hope that TTI stays according to the way of Qur'aan and Sunnah and our Pious Predecessors inshaAllaah. Although not everything can be filtered out, we feel a responsibility in keeping an eye out.

So for all my Urdu speaking brothers and sisters out there, I ask your patience and understanding in this regard and request that you continue to help us in different parts of the forum until such time that it may become possible.

3. Fear Allaah in your discourse. This is irregardless of whatever language it is, and whether it is online or offline. And I speak to myself first. Our expression and words can either be a source of benefit for us if used wisely, or a source of harm and destruction if used ignorantly or maliciously. When writing, try to do so with the best of manners and tones, and refrain from using swear (or improper) words and degrading people with your words.

- This policy may be adapted if such need arises. Any posts henceforth in violation of said rules may be deleted upon notice and User Bans may be enacted if there is a constant disregard and flaunting of the rules (after knowledge of its existence).


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wa 'alaykum salaam

In posting this I was actually wondering what section would be the most appropriate, but as a starting measure first decided to put it here. Eventually we will have to properly compile the rules inshaAllaah so that they will be better known and understood. This matter has actually come under discussion a few times, but thank you for the suggestions, we'll definitely keep them in mind!

I hope you stay well too.