Last Ten Nights...


I was sent this in an e-mail, thought I would share it with you all inshallah, thought it would be very beneficial::hijabi:

The last ten nights of Ramadan are upon us. And soon after this
you the journey for Hajj will begin for Muslims around the world.

If you make the same dua, each day, for the last ten nights of
Ramadan, it's guaranteed that you would have made that dua during
Laylatul-Qadr. (A night worth 1000 months of reward in the sight
of Allah).

So, prepare your dua from now!

Step 1: Ask yourself, "If Allah said to me, I'll give you
anything you wish, just ask!" What would you ask for? Make a
list. (Try to fill 2 pages worth of dua, from the goodness of
this life and the next.

Step 2: Pick about 6 of those things

Step 3: Make dua for those 6 things consistently every night for
the last ten nights of Ramadan.

Of course, make as much dua as you want, but make sure these 6
things are consistent.

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
- Muhammad Alshareef



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Ameen... MashaaAllah! Jazaakallahu khayran for the reminder. yes indeed the last ten nights of Ramadan is the most rewardable deeds.
May Allah answers all our prayers!
wasssalamualaikum warahmatullahi taala wabarakatuh.


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hmmm, this sounds little fisshy :). Never heard from the prophet s.v.s. this nor the salafu saleeh.


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:mashallah: that is a great advice, jzk khair sis. My allaah accept our prayers insha allaah.