Le caratteristiche della Haddadiya


The Shaykh, the Muhaddith Rabee’ bin Hadi al-Madkhali
Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya
Praise be to Allah; Allaah’s Peace & Praise be upon the Messenger of Allah, upon his
family, upon his companions and upon whoever follows his guidance.

To Proceed:
Due to what took course, of the fitnah between the youth in Yemen and its tail has
extended, and its branches spread out, so much so that it extended out in to other
countries. Many people began seeking for an explanation of the truth and an explanation
of who is correct from the one who is wrong.
From the causes of these fitan, was that some of the students of knowledge accused some
of the other students of having the Manhaj of Hadaadiyyah.
So I was compelled to explain this Manhaj, perhaps this will make it clear for many of the
students of the truth, so they can differentiate between the Manhaj of the Ahl-ul-Sunnah,
and the Manhaj of the Hadaadiyyah.
Then perhaps this may share, to a far distant in dealing with this fitnah, along with our
promise to continue with explaining other issues, in response to this urgent request and a
share in trying to end the fitnah.

Manhaj of al-Hadaadeeyah
1- Their hatred towards the current scholars of the Manhaj as-Salafee, and their belittling
them, claiming that they are ignorant and claiming that they are deviated, and lying upon
them, especially the scholars of Madeenah. And they over-reach this to Ibn Taymeeyah,
Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn Abee al-‘Azz, the explainer of ‘at-Tahaweeyyah’. The Hadaadeeyah
drone on about them, so that they can destroy their status and reject their sayings.
2- The statement of the Hadaadeeyah, that everyone who falls into a bid’ah is declared as a
mubtadi (innovator), and Ibn Hajar, according to them is more severe and dangerous than
Sayed Qutb.
3- Declaring a person a mubtadi, if he does not declare that the person who fell into a bid’ah
is a mubtadi, and the Hadaadeeyah show enmity towards him and battle against him if he
does not.
It is not sufficient, according to them, to say: that such and such person has Ash’areeyah in
him for example, or is Ash’aree, rather you have to say that he is a mubtadi otherwise you
will face war, hajr (being kept away from) and you will be declared as a mubtadi.
4- The Hadaadeeyah view an absolute prohibition of saying: ‘May Allah have mercy upon
him” for the people of bid’ah, they don’t differentiate between a Rafidee, a Qadree, a
Jahmee and between a scholar who fell into a bid’ah.
5- They declare a person as a mubtadi if he says: “May Allah have mercy upon him” upon
the likes of Abu Hanifah, ash-Shawkani, Ibn al-Jawzi, Ibn Hajr, and an-Nawawee.
6- Severe enmity against the salafiyoon, no matter what they sacrifice of hard work in
calling to salafeeyah and defending it, no matter how hard they struggled to oppose the
bid’ah, hizbeeyah and misguidance.
The Hadaadeeyah concentrate on the scholars of Madeenah and Shaykh al-Albaani – may
Allah have mercy on him - because he is from the senior scholars of the Manhaj as-Salafee,
and he was the severest of the scholars in dealing with the hizbeeyoon, the people of bid’ah
and the people of ta’asub (being biased).
One of the Hadaadees came to one of my sittings and accused Ibn ‘Uthaymeen of lying
more than ten times, I became angry, severely angry, and evicted him from my sittings.
The Hadaadeeyah authored books and distributed tapes and they distributed claims against
the scholars, and they filled their books and their tapes and their claims with lies and
From the injustice of al-Hadaad is that the authored a book attacking Shaykh al-Albaanee
and writing distortions against him. This book consists of about 400 pages in his
handwriting, and if it was printed, perhaps it would reach 1000 pages, he called it “al-
which means a huge army which has a frontline, and a back defence and a heart
with a right wing and left wing.
Al-Haddad used to claim that he warns against Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen, Sayid Qutb and
al-Juhaymaaneeyah but we don’t see anything authored by him, not even a small booklet, let
alone something like his book ‘al-Khamees’.
7- Their extremism regarding al-Hadaad and their claim of his superiority in knowledge,
where by they can overthrow the senior people of knowledge and the Manhaj as-Salafee.
The Hadaadeeyah taking their shaykh to the level of an Imaam without any debate, just like
the followers of the one who is affected with a craze for power.
They also say about the one who has reached a high level of knowledge, that it is upon
him to sit at the feet of Abu Abdullaah al-Hadaad and Umm Abdullaah.
8 - The Hadaadeeyah try to impose their selves upon the scholars of the Salafeeyah in al-
Madeenah and of other places, accusing them of lying, so they say: so and so is a liar, such
and such is a liar.
They try to show an appearance of love for the truth and striving for it, but when the lies
of al-Hadaad were made clear with the evidences and proofs, Allaah exposed the reality
of their situation and what they concealed of great evil, but it only increased them in their
attachment to al-Hadaad and their exaggeration regarding him.
9- They are distinguished with cursing and hard-heartedness and violence, to the extent
that they would threaten the Salafeeyoon with violence, and it even reached to the point
that they physically beat some of the Salafeeyoon.
10- They curse specific people, to the extent that some of them curse Abu Haneefah, and
some of them pronounce takfeer upon him, (take him out of Islaam).
When al-Hadaad sees any statement whether correct or false he says ‘this is heresy’,
which makes one feel that this man is a hidden Takfeeri.
11- Pride and stubbornness leads to rejecting the truth, similar to the other extremists of
the Ahlul-bid’ah. So everything that the Ahlul-Madeenah put forward as a clarification of
the deviances of al-Haddaad away from the Manhaj of the Salaf, and that he rejects the
Manhaj of the Salaf; so by these actions of theirs, they are the worst of the Islaamic sects,
they are the most evil in their behaviour and partisanship.
12- They used to ascribe themselves to Imaam Ahmad a lot, so when it was clarified to
them the opposition of al-Hadaad for Imaam Ahmad’s stance towards the Ahl ul bid’ah;
they denied this and began accusing those who had ascribed this to Imaam Ahmad. Then
al-Hadaad said : ‘If this is true about Imaam Ahmad, then verily we do not blindly follow
The Hadaadeeyah do no love the truth nor do they seek it, rather they want fitnah and to
tear apart the Salafeeyeen.
Along with their extremism, the Salafeeyoon see the connections that some of them have
with the Hizbeeyeen and some of them have connections with the fusaaq (corrupt people),
and at the same time they battle the Salafeeyeen, and show a hatred, which is very severe,
and perhaps they are concealing a lot more evil, and Allaah knows best with what they
So if Abul-Hasan clarifies for us, with clear evidences that those who accuse him of
Hadaadeeyah, are really they themselves who have these characteristics, then we will not
leave off striving to condemning them with al-Hadaadeeyah, rather we will force them
back, by writing about them and warning against them, and attach them to al-Hadaadeeyah
with out any consideration.
And if Abul-Hasan is not capable of doing this, then it is upon him to repent to Allaah,
Azza wa Jal, and proclaim his repentance publicly, other wise we will not leave off
striving to support the other people and in making victorious the Manhaj as-Salafee which
we are upon, and we will defend the Manhaj and we will defend them.
It is upon the truthful Salafeeyeen that they make them victorious and aid the Manhaj
which they are following, and they should cut off from the one who oppressed them and
has oppressed their Manhaj, and beware, beware that one of them should fall into that
which al-Hadaadeeyah fell in to, or even falling in to some of what they fell in to, and this is
the field of knowledge to be able to differentiate between the truthful and the liar, like
Allaah, Ta’ala, said :
“Alif, Laam Meem, do the people think that they will be left alone, because they say:
we believe, and that they will not be tested. Indeed We tested those who were before
them. Allaah will certainly make it known, of those who are truthful and those who are

I ask Allaah the most Kareem, the Lord of the great ‘Arsh that He protects all the Salafeeyeen
everywhere from falling into this trial, especially in the land of Yemen where the Sunnah
of the Messenger of Allaah - sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – has appeared, according to the
Manhaj as-Salafee.

Written by
Rabee’ bin Hadi al-Madkhali
20 / 2 / 1423 AH

All Praise belongs to Allaah, may His peace and blessings be upon our final Prophet
Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who follow his guidance.
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