Learn Arabic Language


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Knowing the letters is the actual first step in learning Arabic and the hardest one, but you will be able to achieve your goal by following organized guidance. Firstly, you need to download the alphabet chart of the Arabic language and practice Arabic letters. Secondly, familiarize yourself with the vowel diacritics and other symbols. It is important to mention that the diacritics in the Arabic language are almost equal the vowels in English. Sincea speaker pronounces them after each letter and at the beginning of any word - the Arabic language starts with a vowel, not a consonant letter. The diacritics, for example, are the fat-hah, the kasrah, and the damma. Thirdly, you need to study the changes of the letterforms; Arabic has ten usual verb patterns. Finally, you have to listen to the Alphabet spoken by the native speakers.


After being familiar with the Arabic letters and their sounds, you need to start to get involved in the language. Many linguists have said that the principal role for learning any language is by exposure, and that could be achieved through dealing with the language; especially, through listening to the native speakers. First, you should listen to Arabic broadcasts to familiarize yourself with common words and phrases. Another thing is to watch and listen to television interviews and news; so, you get involved in actual situations and everyday conversations. You will find most films used the Egyptian and Levantine dialects- then you can proceed to the documentaries, and historical and Islamic films, which are in standard Arabic.