Learn to Pray as the Prophet Prayed (English) Video


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assalamu alaikkum,
my name is physal ibrahim and i am from india ..presently woring in UAE. i would like to view this video ..Learn to pray as the prophet prayed. how can i do that? pls help me...


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Can someone please post the original(google video/youtube) link of the video here or pm me if possible as my mobile browser doesn't have flash support..


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Assalamualaikum, in this thread it keeps on mentioning a "video" but I only saw a flash presentation and a step-by-step guide :(


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may Allah swt blessed and reward u for all the effort that u have put into this website,,, Ameen,,ameen,,Ya Rabba Allahmeen wasalam[/QUOTE]


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I recommend even those who already know how to pray to watch these kinds of videos, just for a refresher :D


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This video was made by Shaykh Saleh as-Saleh rahimahullaah. He died in early 2008 in Madinah. His janazah was lead by Shaykh al-Hudhaifi. May Allaah have mercy on the shaykh and allow his knowledge to continue to benefit the Muslims and bring him good deeds, ameen.