Let's say "Islam is the truth!" in different languages


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Selam-un Alaykum to all!
I just wondered,and think it can be useful to me.Can you write "Islam is the truth!"in your language(or what language do you know..) Here I go:

"İslam gerçektir!"-Turkish


salam from pakistan!
الإسلام هو الحقيقة in arabic
اسلام حق ہے in urdu

Islam je istina in croatian

L'islam est la vérité in french
Der Islam ist die Wahrheit in german
इस्लाम सच है in hindi
veritas islam in latin
islam gerçeği in turkish
brother, u can go to google and then translate and get translation of any sentence in any language. so simple...........


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This is interesting...:muslim_child:





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How do you say it in your ancestral tribe's language?

Dear Brother Ayman,

I wish I could tell you. First, I am only Mohawk by community recognition (I'm white but the native community views me as if I was Native...similar to being a revert). The biggest problem though is that the language of the Haundenosaunee is almost dead. After the white man came and the government broke treaty after treaty with the Mohawks and placed them on reservations (now split by country borders so its hard for Mohawks w/o a tribal card to pass easily between the two reservations with sacred items), after they banned the language being spoken in schools and they beat our children for uttering the language and forced them to look, dress, act like them....things get lost. It is also an EXTREMELY difficult language to learn. Makes learning Arabic a piece of cake! My own name for instance, "Fire Dancing Turtle" is something like 25 letters and 5 words long. I have it written down but since I moved recently, I have no idea where. The literal translation is something akin to "Turtle who dances on fire"...not quite the correct meaning though. You will find that, for the most part, only those people who live on the Rez know the language.


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originally posted by me:
Islam is the truth -English .......sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Brother's and Sister's,
It has been asked of my what my intent was when I stated this. Did I mean what I said or was it for the sake of translation. It made me realize that if my sister could be confused, then others, who do not know me well, may also be confused. I beg your leniency and I thank Creator for bringing this to my attention.

This thread was started in English, so by me repeating it in English, it was unnecessary. I meant it only for translation.

I just wanted to share some humor. Inshallah, I conveyed what I meant and my sister was the only one to wonder.

sister herb

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I made similar before as asking people write text by they languages and collected them under same thread.