Let's say "Islam is the truth!" in different languages


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:salam2: wow, i would be extremely impressed if that was without google trancslate, even if you did use it you obviously made it a priority and have much more patients then me

sandra canada

Laa ilaha illa Allah
islam é certo = português
Islam är rätt = swidish
האיסלאם הוא הנכון= hebrew
伊斯蘭教是正確 = chinese
Ислам је у праву = serbian
Ioslam Is ceart = irish
Το Ισλάμ είναι δικαίωμα = Greek
islam ist richtig = german
islam je pravica = slovenian


알라후 아크바르-Allah Akbar

Its nice to see in all different languages :)
Am starting to learn Korean but I dont know how to say it in Korean yet


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الإسلام هو الحقيقة in arabic
اسلام حق ہے in urdu

Islam je istina in croatian

L'islam est la vérité in french
Der Islam ist die Wahrheit in german
इस्लाम सच है in hindi
veritas islam in latin
islam gerçeği in turkish
brother, u can go to google and then translate and get translation of any sentence in any language. so simple...........
Brother I'm guessing you translated it into arabic by google translate ? It's right .. and it would've been grammatically correct if you have said:
الإسلام هو الحق

Jazak Allah Khair


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I'm amazed at the number of Indians here. I thought they were rare. 0.0

Alright, here you go. These are rather transliterations/romanizations though.

Islam thaan unmaiyaana unmai. (Islam is truly the truth in TAMIL).

Islam hee such hai. (Islam is THE truth in HINDI).

I hope I haven't killed poor Tamil here.

(So far, there is no Nederland or Dutch here)