Let's say "Islam is the truth!" in different languages


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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Norwegian: Islam er sannhet
Technically, this means "Islam is truth" and not "Islam is the truth" as the thread title asks.
Norwegian: Islam er sannheten

Islam är rätt = swidish
And this means "Islam is correct"
Swedish: Islam är sanningen

We should remain aware that online translators are not 100% accurate, sometimes not even 90%. I can get really pedantic and nerdy with this thread, I will try to behave :)

I'm amazed at the number of Indians here. I thought they were rare. 0.0
Not here, there are quite a few. Alhamdulillah


i am never alone.allah is always with me

Islam sachchai hai! (In Urdu)

Asli sachchai... bilkul asli... ek dum sau feesdi sach.. koi milawat nahin... har zamaane ke liye ek hi sach... woh hai Islam. .

Lol.. couldn't resist.. sorry, good thing not many will know what I said.
i could read and yes you are right sister..:)


Rabbe Zidni Illma

unmayaanadhu, sathiyamaanadhu, meiyaanadhu all one and the same, aren't they? (oru porul unarthum pala sorkkal... and thats a little tamil grammar for you all.. hehe..)

wa salaam.

Summa pinringa bhai. Kalakitinga. :cool::D


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Islam ou oilo hasa - in Sylheti language :cool-new:

Brother Saif has already said it in Bangla:rolleyes: I just wrote it in one of the dialects of Bangla. :D


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Uislamu ndio dini ya haki {kiswahili_most popular East African language}

Islamku waa diinta xaqa/runta ah{afsoomaali}