Major Sins : Breaking The Ties of Relationship by Abdur Raheem Green


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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Alhamdulillah. This is as much about domestic violence as it is about Breaking the ties of Relationship.

On breaking ties, although the Brother speaks of oppression, and the Father being the Amir, I hoped he would say something specifically for Reverts. Dealing with non-muslim family is a very big issue for reverts, and also for those thinking of reverting. Balancing Islamic duties, such as praying, covering, not consuming alcohol, pork or non-zabiha, with the wishes of parents and other family, such as christmas and so on can be very difficult. Some reverts (sometimes advised by others) break ties with their families. I would like some Alims to speak on that. It may seem obvious, but I think it does need to be underlined.

Just my opinion. Allah swt knows best.