Makkah & Madeenah PiCs ..

Fatima S.Ar

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Assalam Alaikom

Hello every body !!

Here I brought some pics from the holy Masjid in Makkah city ( Al- Haram Al-Makki ) الحرم المكي , there is al - Ka'ba inside it , where we turn our facec to while praying .

The most beautiful moment in my life when I go there , I feel that I got world's happiness between my hands , very nice feelings come to my heart , I feel I'm clean , I feel I'm under Allah's mercy , I feel soooooo happy and no sadnesses in my life .

Thanks for Allah Makkah is near my city ( Jeddah ) only 75 kiloes between them so that I always go there I'll go in sha'a Allah next few days .

I won't forget you !! I'll pray for you In sha'a Allah :)

I hope every body visit this holy place one day , you'll feel what I always feel while comming there .

First , these are pics for Makkah's gate , its shape as the thing we put the " holy Qur'an " on it , I don't know its name in English .
when u r near to Makkah you'll see a sign says " Only Muslims " , only Muslims whom allowed to enter Makkah so it's Muslims' city :)







2 - Inside the holy Masjid









For More Pics , click here :

I saw It'll be better if I add PiCs for Maddena's Prophet Masjid :)

Certainly I visit it many times , too .
Ma sha'a Allah :D










I hope u enjoyed whatching it :)

When you want to visit them u've to pass by Jeddah ( My city ) coz the international airport is here , so dont forget visiting me :D

With my Love .. FATIMA :SMILY252:

hassana elkoussi

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Masha'Allah sister, you brought tears to my eyes. I'm KSA lover as well. I love both harams dearly, who wouldn't?? Plz keep me in your prayers whenever you go there.

Salam :hearts:



Remember ALL of us in your prayers please inshaAllah :)

jazakAllah khair katheer for the pics. Beautiful mashaAllah.



Don't forget me

Dear Sister/Brother;
Please also make dua for me. I am zulfiquar. Pray for me so that I could finish my study soon. Also pray so that I could get a Job in KSA universities. I love to teach there.

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
How much will you pay for me if I pray for you ?? :p

I'm kidding , I'll pray for everyone , U r all my brothers & sisters and u r all inside my heart ^_^


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Asalaamoalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.
Jazzak Allah Khair my Sister for posting the pictures - SubhanAllah they always cheer me up greatly and bring a tear to my eye (but can't be having that now since I'm at work, lol).
Both Haram's are beautiful, but you have to agree that Mashallah when you actually see them with your own eyes, it does take your breath away.
May Allah Tallah grant us all Muslims tawfeeq to go to the Holy Masjids and pray there, Ameen.

p.s. Dear Sister Fatima, Inshallah Tallah I'll be in Jeddah in Inshallah 2 weeks time so I'll think of you when I'm landing there :biggrin:


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Asalam alaykum sis in Islam.

Hmm.. Ur invitation is kinda late, went for Hajj last year. Saw most of those beautiful places...

I asked if anyone on TTI would be in Saudi Arabia, sadly noone replied.

Would av loved to meet someone from TTI
… don't forget to pray for Us all …


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Asalam alaykum sis in Islam

I went for Hajj last year. Saw most of those beautiful places.

I asked if anyone would be in Saudi at the time.

Sadly noone replied, would av loved to meet someone from TTI.

Pls pray for me I want come back


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jazakallahu khairun sister, for those nice pictures. i think those are the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen. it's my dream i will be there someday to the holy land where i can visit baitullah, prophet (s) mosque and all other places, i can smell the memories of our dearest prophet (s). May ALLAH swt reward you for your nice effort.


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Jazak-Allahu khayran Sister for these beautiful pictures. Insha'Allah, I will be able to visit and see these places for myself. They are truly wonderful and I pray constantly that I will be able to go there some day.

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
ya allah! i miss saudi arabia..
alhamdillah! i have visited many times here...
and i also remember, whenever i would go there, i would forget all my worries..
i would be so happy, alhamdulillah! i love makkah and madinah...
ya allah! i remember he moment when i was lost in makkah!!, i was just crying, then alhamdulillah! some one brought me to my mother..
allah! i remember the rooms of makkah and madinah! we had so much of fun..
mashallah! i love my country...
i wish to all of our brothers and sister, (who have not visited here) , you will inshallah visit to this place...
i pray allah...