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Selam Alaykum,

This is my second time posting today after joining here. yay! I am planning to open up a business in massage and spa but in order to do this i need some sort of funding. How do i go about this? Any business advice as I come from a medical background than business. I want to get myself set up and really work hard to the top to be able for people to visit my massage spa. I haev the qualifications and experience now it is a matter of just having a grant and a place.

Would really appreciate any applicable form of advice.


Maryume <3


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Hello my friend! I would advise you contactless payment terminal. Perhaps it will cost a lot of money, but you will definitely be sure that now everything will work stably. I recently tried the Contactless payment app for credit cards and I'm happy with it. Payment processing runs smoothly. And besides, it is very convenient, which is also liked by my clients.