Medical Benefit of Ablution (Wudu)


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There are three principle benefits that human health derives from washing our body. They are related to the circulatory system, the immune system and the electrostatic balance of the body.

1) Blood Circulatory System:

Blood vessels are the essential part of the circulatory system. Blood vessels resemble flexible tubing, dividing into thinner branches as the distance from the heart increases.

Various aspects of our life cause the blood vessels to harden and become constricted. If the thinner tubes in particular becomes hardened and loses their elasticity, pressure and workload upon the heart are increased. In medical term it is known as arterio-sclerosis. Sclerotic development is considered to be the basis of aging and body deterioration.

Practical Measures:

Hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels does not happen all at once, but over a long period of time. The vessels furthest from heart, such as those in brain, feet and hands, are more vulnerable to the process that begins slowly in these locations and goes no continuously with the passage of time.

Water gives rise to temperature gradient, which cause blood vessels to have a sort of exercise by alternately contraction and dilation. Hence water ensures flexibility and visor of the vessels away from the heart by dilating them when hot and contracting them when cold. It also forces nutrients, deposited in tissues as a result of sluggish circulation, back into the bloodstream by the virtue of the temperature difference.

There is no doubt, as we see when Muslims daily wash their hands, feet and face in wudu rite is really a favour to them from the creator.

2) Immune System (Lymphatic Circulation):

The lymphatic system (whose vessels are ten times thinner than those, which conduct red blood cell) keeps all the point of the body within the protection of the immune system. Any bacteria, alien object or cancer cell, which may have invaded the body is destroyed by the leucocytes (white blood cells) in the lymphatic circulation.

Thus we see that the structure of the immune system is reinforced through wudu. In fact the way wudu is performed so specifically (step by step) clearly aims at lymphatic system. The reasons are as follows:

For the lymphatic system to function properly even a single point in the body must not be neglected, which is assured by the full ablution or the Gusl. The most important center for stimulating the lymphatic system is the nasopharyngeal region behind the nose and tonsils. Washing these spots is especially ordered.

Stimulation of the both sides of the neck has great influence on the lymphatic system and is also part of wudu.

Thus we see, the lymphocytes are transported to the farthest reaches of the body and, after passing through intensive biological training, patrol each point in the body many times a day. If they meet a bacterium or the cancer cell, they destroy it. Is this not a divine blessing of the first quality?

3) Static Electricity

The body normally has balance of static electricity. However the atmospheric conditions as well as plastic clothing and the products common in our daily life adversely affect this balance. Most of us are aware of this electricity when getting out of the car or after sitting on a plastic chair. Irritability and facial wrinkles are the best known ill results, though there are many psychosomatic illnesses arising from it.

The worst influence of static electricity is exerted continuously on the small sub-cutaneous muscles (under the skin), finally rendering them inoperative, which is why wrinkles are set in.

These bad effects due to imbalance of static electricity can be simply avoided by doing the wudu several times a day. At this point many readers would have divined at least one of the reasons for the radiant appearance of those who have done wudu all their lives.


Thus, it is distinct that besides above-mentioned benefits, ablution also protects from tooth decays, eye infections, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pelvic infections and other bacterial infections.

One might say, but I normally wash my face and hand daily anyway. Let us recall, however, this as a widespread public habit /practice has a very short history (barely 70 years or so) even amongst nations who have a tendency to claim to be the most civilized in the world. However this privilege Muslims have enjoyed for more than 1400 years.

Moreover, the cleanliness based on the sort of general human rules can never be sustained with steadiness of discipline, which in Islam it has, by the virtue of its association with worship.

To be sure, the worth and significance of wudu does not end with these medical observations, as it is a favor for us from the Almighty that may include so much (medical, spiritual, social etc) we don’t know.

"…..Allah does not wish to place you in a difficulty,

But to make you clean, And to complete His favour to you, That ye may be grateful"

[Surah 5:6]

The day is not far when even the Non-Muslims will imitate the Muslim Wudu or washing before prayers.



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Subhan'Allah, it is amazing how many of our practises as ordained by Allah are extremely beneficial to the health of our bodies.

Jazak Allahu Khair :)


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No doubt all Allah's commands have wisdom and benefits. Solat, ablution etc definitely beneficially spiritually or physically. I am curious about the source of those 'facts', because it seems just a statement without the source of evidence, especially about the physical benefits mentioned.



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thank you brother for posting such an interesting topic well i have one that is good for your body too. After every prayer you should do tasbih which is saying subhannallah 33 times alhamdulilah 33 times and allahhuakbar 34 times. Well of course you could do it with any thing you want but if you do what the prophet use to do then its really really good!! the prophet mohammed (saw) use to use his fingers to make taspih the doctors found out that if you do that it is enough excersize for your fingers in a day.

thank you for taking your time to listen and salamualaykum


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Hello, This is a great article, I apperciate your work on this!
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