Monday May 3,2010 Daily Express

MEN could be fined £13,000 and jailed for a year for forcing their wives to wear a burkha under tough new proposed laws in France, according to leaked documents.

[Ministers hope to vote on a total ban on the burkha in July]

Ministers hope to vote on a total ban on the burkha - Islamic face veils - in July.

Details of the stringent planned penalties have been leaked to leading French newspaper Le Figaro.

It revealed the law would create a new offence of "incitement to cover the face for reasons of gender".

Women will face smaller fines, of around £130, because they are "often victims who are not given any choice".

The law would also apply to Muslim tourists and could be in force by mid September.

Al-Qaeda has already vowed on an extremist website: "We will seek dreadful revenge on France by all means at our disposal, for the honour of our daughters and sisters."

Belgium became the first European country to ban the burkha last week and there is widespread support for a ban in the Netherlands.


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To be honest, I don't mind men being fined for FORCING their wives to wear it, but how are you going to prove that they were forced?

The whole ban is just trampling on personal rights, and I think its ridiculous to fine women for it. Especially since many of the women who wear it in France are immigrants who are in a lower socioeconomic class. It would be difficult if not impossible to pay the fine.


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I don't know of any man forcing his wife or daughter to wear Niqab.
I'm wholeheartedly sure that it is by the choice of a woman. My aunt used to wear niqab when she was like 19 years old. Who forced her? No one! That's for sure. She wasn't even married and she lived with my family. And she didn't wear it back home I think.
There are even threads here made by our sisters telling us proudly that they have decided to wear the Niqab.

And also how do they know that they have been forced to wear it or that they are oppressed? They are using this ''Oppressed'' thing to ban the niqab. Why don't they ban Hijab as well? Hijab are worn by oppressed women too, don't you think so?

Wallahi it's their biggest way of turning people against Islâm.
Wasalam Alaykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh


Assalaam walaikum,

Why are fearing the kuffir?? Are we that weak?? Why do we allow their ever-changing laws to disturb us. Why do we even pay attention to what they think.

Wake up Muslims. We fall into the trap all the time. We are scared of the kuffir.

Each time a woman is fined..let us all donate one penny.

Let us in Muslim countries fine women who are not covered. Let any woman who is not dressed in a skirt be fined. No bare shoulders...come on people..the kuffir say bend and we break.

Are we boycotting whatever this country does. Belgium...let me be real American that over there...what do they do....are French...nay..nobody is that nasty...they can't be English...and they ain't Eyetalian..they don't eat pizza. Do they have a basketball team...
They are notthing. Belgium is not even a dot on the world map.
Oh thats right they make crackers. Who needs that.

Please! Someone please give me the barcode. You fine my sisters and we will show you how to get on your knees and beg us.


Assalaam walaikum,

I do not like Godiva...I am simply a Hershey Bar Girl!!!

Boycott the Godiva...I mean really how does one eat chocolate named after a naked woman on a horse.

Seriously, can you bake a chocolate chip cookie using a godiva bar? Please...

Back to the topic what is the barcode for this non-existant country that no-one ever wanted..not even the Portugese remained there!!!