Mooz-lum....a must see movie!


I had the pleasure of viewing the amazing movie "Mooz-lum in the theaters this past Friday and Alhamdullilah it was very good. Its about a muslim family growing up in the United States in the wake of 9/11. It also centers around a young man with a very strict upbringing trying to find to figure out about his life in the world he lives in. Caught in between Islam and the dunya....very powerful :mashallah:!

Please check it out inshallah. Its not playing in many theaters right now, only in select theaters in the US, its an independent film with little publicity and low distribution, but well worth watching for muslims and non-muslims. I am looking forward to seeing it again inshallah, its only here for two weeks. If it does well this weekend, it will be in more cities inshallah. Here is the trailer:

P.S It does have music,but please check it out inshallah.


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I have seen the preview and it did not look very interesting! I wonder if it will be at a local theatre...


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Some brothers and I made a road trip to the Bay area on Friday because it was suppose to be opening in San Francisco on the 11th, but after the khutbah we found out that the "reel" that the movie was on "got lost" somewhere between Chicago and San Fran... so I have no idea when it actually opened, we had to come back home.