MOSSAD infiltrating Muslim ranks in IRAQ PAKISTAN


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CONSPIRACIES against Muslims world by rogue elements posing to be MAUALANAS which are causing SUICDE BOMBINGs like the one that killed 50 people in Pakistan and those which are daily killing people in IRAQ

The Suicide bombing like this are a conspiracy and who are doing this no one knows TALIBAN say they dont allow suicide bombings against Muslims then who is doing this .
THERE WERE REPORTS OF MOSSAD AND RAW(Indian agency ) behind this knid of attacks.

1)The phenomenon was observed in IRAQ where secret documents revealed more than 2000 active MOSSAD members were active .What are they doing .JIHADIS target the AMERICANS but MOSSAD's MAULANAS deviate the reaction and anger against US in Iraqi people on INNOCENT people and so MOSSAD braindwashed people and encouraged them to carry attacks against innocent people.It also destroyed image of real JIHADIS who are just targeting americans.

2) One great example was an attack on FRENCH engineers building AGOSTA submarine in karachi Pakistan(latest submarine that can carry 16 cruise missile of nuclear payload with 80 days submerged time) ..The construction of submarines deeply hurt Israel and India.PAKISTAN's intelligence agency ISI carried out investigations and it was revealed that people who carried out attacks were brain washed by MAULANA that those engineers were running NIGHT CLUBS and they(attackers) said if they knew that engineers were there to build submarine then they would never have done so .LATER INVESTIATIONS REVEALED THAT MAULANA WAS A MOSSAD AGENT.

3)Another example is MURDER of daniel pearl a jewish journalist .MUSHARRAF wrote in his book IN THE LINE OF FIRE that the person who did that was an MI6 double agent who did this to tarnish Pakistani image and FURTHER ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER SHARON THAT TIME SAID ISRAEL SHOULD INTERVENE IN INVESTIGATIONs still further JEWS IN HOLLY WOOD MADE MOVIE on Daniel Pearl's murder AND CAST ANGELINA JOLIE to further disrupt foreign investment.

4) Another example is MAULANA FAZLULLAH of SWAT who gave FATWA against anti polio campaign saying that an body who suffers from polio his leg is martyred.His on father in law condemned him .He used o talk of JIHAD and when the army carried out operation he ran like COWARD .Investigations revealed that he was supplied wih equipments by NORTHERN ALLIANCE to DESTABALIZE PAKISTAN and in his SEMINARY security forces claimed to have found LIQUOR.

5)ISI pakistan's intelligence agencies documents of 1980s revealed that there was a special cell in Mossad where people were taught QURAN and HADITH and made MAULANAS who would then infiltrate ranks of muslims.

6)Pakistan has been on hit list of US,Israel because of it being a nuclear power and most power ful army in Islamic world plus the only ideological country created in the name of islam on 27 RAMADAN by sacrifice of 1 million muslims and 10 millions migrations.THE latest surge in suicide attacks was a carefully designed operation on one hand US PRESSURIZED MUSHY TO ATTACK LAL MASJID and kill hundreds of innocent children ON THE OTHER HAND with their ROGUE MAULANAS TAPPED ANGER AMONG RELATIVES OF LAL MASJID EVENT CHANNELISNG IT AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE LIKE SCHOOL BUS OF ARMY,INNOCENT PEOPLE PRAYING IN MASJIDS.

7) 911 attacks were an INSIDE JOD with considerable evidence like ( a circular hole in pentagon where there was no destruction due to WINGS suggesting plane didnt hit Pentagon,bombs clearly being seen below falling rubble in WTC suggesting CONTROLLED DEMOLITION loose change 2 edition) .VIDEO TAPES of Bin ladin were proven to be fake as his picture in which he claimed responsibility was different then orginal one .he was wearong a gold ring which is HARAM.Voice can be duplicated with software.

The latest video tapes BIN LADIN claiming responsibilty of 911 HALTS when bin ladin talks about LATEST EVENTS and THREATENS TERRORIST ATTACKS and RUNS when he talks GENERAL THINGS .ACTUALLY IT WAS AN OLD VIDEO TAPE WHICH WAS EDITTED .

8) the group who claimed responsibiltyof 77 by text message quoted FALSE REFERENCE OF QURAN's AYAT.


1)Mossad declassified documents suggested that they created MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in EGYPT to break strength of NASSER but now the same MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD has emerged as a threat to them

2)Mossad also claimed to have encourage HAMAS to breake PLO's strength but now same HAMAS is ther biggest FOE

3)US supported TALIBAN initially but now they are the biggest threat to US intersts in CENT ASIA.

4)911 attacks were carried out to STOP ISLAM but after it HUNDREDS OF NON MUSLIMS ARE BEING ATTRACTED tO ISLAM Islamic movements all over the world are gaining strength.

Every conspiracy of KUFFARS is turning against them and INSHALLAH THE LATEST CONSPIRACY OF SUICIDE BOMBINGS IN PAK and IRAQ would also turn against them.

MUSHY's power has already weakened and already there is a MOVEMENT going on. once FREE ELECTIONS are held in PAKISTAN next GOV should enforce SHARIAH(the reason Pak was created) and withdraw support from WAR ON TERROR,COMBINE WITH REAL JIHADIS AND REAL TALIBAN TO WIPE OUT ROGUE MAULANAS AND NATO IN AFGHANISTAN.


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mossad is indeed really dangerous. These yahoodis always do such things. they have done This is from the very begining.

We need to pray and act on islam inorder to avoid such things


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Thanks for posting your article. This is not something new because this has been going on for many many years.

In early 1990s just after the fall of Soviet Union there was a brief window in which there was a sudden openness in the American media that lasted only for a year or two. During that time channels like Discovery channel and Learning channel etc were showing some really candid programs. For example there was a series "How The West Was Lost" in which they showed how brutally these poor native Americans were butchered by those 'civilized' settlers. There was this another program on Discovery channel with a title "How to make an Assasin" or close to it, and in that program they openly said that CIA has developed a technique (method) to make someone do something without that person knowing why he is doing it. They said that the technique involved something like hitting that person on certain places (I think they said head) and then injecting them with some drugs or chemicals and then some other secret process (which they didn't know) and during that time repeating the commands to him which will make him a remote controlled assasin.

This program made the claim that Sirhan Sirhan who shot Robert Kennedy (JFK's brother) was programmed by the CIA to commit this crime. It also claimed that this technplogy was available to KGB and Mossad too.

If CIA could do it in the 1960s to its own presidential candidate, then why can't or won't they do it to a Muslim population. I believe they now have also given this technology to Indian agency (RAW). We see the proof of it on daily basis in the Muslim world.

This doesn't mean that there are no crazy or soldout Mullahs in Muslim countries, I am not shielding the Muslim population from the blame completely, but there is definetly foreign hands and technology involved in these stupid, criminal and un-Islamic suicide bombings.


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I donot think there is any doubt about this but the point is what are we muslims going to do this. We need to raise our Eeman to stand up to RAW & Mossad and all.

No amount of accusations are going to help us.




brilliant post , and this is the TRUTH , Inshallah Allah's Plan will reveal itself and deface the B*$TURDS and let there faces be known to everyone ,Inshallah , Inshallah , ameen


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Mossad, CIA and MI5 are the ones financing and creating extremist groups and they love to see that. Thats how they infiltrate. Find ignorant people, and get other people to follow them and see them as scholars.

A lot of the extremists are backed from behind the scenes by gov intelligence agencies. Certainly, most in the past, including Palestinian ones were started like that.

It is not limited to Islamic groups, if you look at Northern Ireland and man whose codename was Stakeknife,

Its more difficult to hide these stories involving the West in the West.. So, some of the truth leaks out.

However, because the Muslims are weak and because very few side with the true Islam and Muslims, they have much easier time of covering it up.

So, its very unlikely we hear about how the FSB and Putin did the Russian apartment bombings. How the 7/7 terrorist bomber's mastermind had dealings with MI5, how various people who have extremist ideas, have been with Mi5 for years!!! and now they are seen as respectable "scholars" by some, just because they spit and bark things against the Muslim leaders.

And Allah knows, that a person who really follows Islam properly, by implementing the Quran and Sunnah and has knowledge, would never commit any Haram act or go against the way of the Early Muslims.


It is so easy for Muslims to defeat our enemies. All we got to do is learn Islam properly!! and teach it... Thats it. When I say "properly" I mean we really seek out to learn Tawheed and Aqeedah and have this as our foundation. Look to the way of the early Muslims. Read the classical books of Islam. Usool Sunnah Imam Ahmad, Kitab Tawheed, books of aqeedah, etc. And take the knowledge from the real scholars of Islam. --

If we unite upon this, on Islam properly, then nobody can defeat us. Allah is the One who has power over all things.




great points Mabsoot , and i agree 100% the muslims need to go back to their roots and stop indulging in ingnorance and arrogance and ego's ........... and go back to the Qur'an and Sunnah , and make themselves true muslims and then unite with each other inshallah.


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Do not fear brother, for Allah Ta Alla has promised us that we shall have victory over those who fight Islam, and the two things we must do is:

1. Rise up, Jihad Fesabilillah for Islam.

2. Get back to our Deen and return to the Sunnah, and follow the correct ways of Muhammad (SAW)'s teachings.

These two things shall help us brother.

And Allah is the best of planners.