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Salam Brothers and sisters,

I've come here to introduce my new app called Muslim Diary. I've seen plenty of apps out there, but there is no app with correct prayer times in the whole world, and I've tried to make a solution, but seems harder than I thought, mathematical calculations are correct it finds exact prayer times based on location, but islamic organisations in different countries make the prayer times according to convenience, for that reason the app i created is not accurate due to the inaccuracy of countries. So we've come to a solution where you could adjust prayer times with one click. Another issue i've seen that most apps have an Athan alarm, and we live in a society where people make judgments, and we work in a places where athan could make your boss fire you, this does not happen where muslims are majority in the country but minority. So we've chosen a system sound of your phone, like an sms notification. The best feature we've added is confirming your prayer, and calendar will show you in one month if you've missed your prayer and it will motivate users to complete the prayers on time and also keep track of the prayers. Please do give me some inputs.

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