Muslim schools are stuffing children's minds with 'alien rubbish!

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Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

See what the material worshiping devil has to say:

Richard Dawkins claims Muslim schools are having a "pernicious" influence on children who are having their minds "stuffed with alien rubbish" such as claims the world is only 6,000 years old

The author of The God Delusion, who has previously described religious education provided by faith schools as a form of child abuse, said that the effect was "utterly deplorable" especially as it lasted until their university years.

The prominent atheist said he could live with some faith schools that are vaguely religious and saved his fire for the schools that were teaching "total nonsense".

Mr Dawkins, former Oxford University professor and evolutionary biologist, made his comments as he spoke to the Times Educational Supplement about the launch of a new science book.

He said that while he opposed faith schools as a whole, it was the Muslim ones that worried him the most.

"Occasionally, my colleagues lecturing in universities lament having undergraduate students walk out of their classes when they talk about evolution – this is almost entirely Muslims," he said.

"So I think there's a very, very pernicious influence that is lasting up to the university years. That must be coming from certain schools."

He said that he noticed the "utterly deplorable" effect they were having first hand after visiting a Muslim school in Leicester as part of a documentary he made last year called Faith Schools Menace?

"Every single person I met believes if there is any disagreement between the Koran and science, then the Koran wins," he said.

"I spoke to a group of girls, and to a senior science teacher who believes the world is 6,000 years old.

"It's just utterly deplorable. These are now British children who are having their minds stuffed with alien rubbish."

Mr Dawkins said he was not so worried about the expansion of faith schools if they were the kind that "vaguely" have a kind of Church of England-style assembly.

But he was holding "his fire" for the ones that are teaching "total nonsense".

"There is a difference between faith schools which just vaguely have a kind of Church of England assembly and faith schools that actually teach nonsense like this school in Leicester," he said.

Mr Dawkins, who last year said he was thinking about setting up an atheist school, does, however, see the value of teaching religion but only as a way of putting the modern world into context.

He said it was important to learn for example about the Greek Gods to appreciate the poetry of Keats, the Norse Gods to relate to Wagner, and Judaism and Christianity to understand literature.

The fellow of New College, Oxford, said the lessons like his new book – The Magic of Reality – should teach children about the thousands of myths from around the world which were part of education to learn.

"I do think it valuable to teach comparative religion as a sort of anthropological study and that's sort of what all my comparative myths in The Magic of Reality are about," he said.

"If there's one thing I wanted to do in the book, it was that I don't want to downgrade myths, but the science is even more wonderful," he said.

Student of quantity over quality, Of mass over souls. Yeah I expect no better out of him.



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Well I did not understand the objective of this post....

I am not sure what sort of research was done OR what Islamic school was studied which ended up this article.

My wife is a teacher in an islamic school in Melbourne...and we have been in contact with many Islamic schools here in Aus. We never came across any teacher (let alone any Muslim) who thinks/teaches that world is 6000 years old. That is absolutely ridiculous.

And there can never be a contradiction between proven scientific facts and Quran...Author of this article should better read Quran first.....and we all know that hypotheses can be incorrect but word of Allah can never be incorrect as this has been authored by who has absolute knowledge of EVERYTHING (I mean EVERYTHING ......)

The above author also need to know when he says that "Science is wonderful"....actually this is merely knowing a tiny bit of vast, infinite, and absolute knowledge of Allah Subhana wataala .....Why don't you ponder over these ayata (signs) of the one who has ULTIMATE knowledge



Wa alaykumassalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

It is funny how this guy supports utterly rubbish fictions like Greek and Roman and Norse god's literature being taught,that which contain lechery and immortality plus loads of rubbish and opposes Abrahamic teachings.I wonder what he stands for,of I forgot he is an atheist,he stands for nothing.


the masjid which i attend has one of the best schools that i have ever seen. muslim school even surpass the greatness of the catholic schools. most people here in the US have always have had a positive view of the quality of education. islamic schools are much better than the public schools that i have attended.


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The world is 6000 years old is a Christian belief. This info is based on literature of the Christian church. This man is deliberately mixing the beliefs of Christianity with Islam in order to mislead the reader.

The Telegraph paper is mostly read in Britain by English speaking people who are mostly Christian. The majority of readers are mostly simple, innocent people who do not question what is written on those papers and they are easily mislead. And this article is a way of informing and educating the reader indirectly about Islam by giving him false information without him knowing.

Allah knows best...

sabina isa

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The above author also need to know when he says that "Science is wonderful"....actually this is merely knowing a tiny bit of vast, infinite, and absolute knowledge of Allah Subhana wataala .....Why don't you ponder over these ayata (signs) of the one who has ULTIMATE knowledge


As salam alaikum,

And not to say the least science itself has come to a complete doubt of everything claimed as scientific knowledege. Moreover, the very established knowledge has many dark spots that put to doubt that very age of life claimed so far... Yet, more is to be known for sure. Everything claimed as "sure knowledge" has so much assumptions and suggestive school of thought that easily a well known scientist can put in an embarrased situation...

We salam