Muslims attack church in India


Reports: Upset over Michigan incident, Muslims attack church in India

Muslims in India reportedly attacked a church late Sunday night after they heard reports that a Quran had been burned in Michigan, according to Indian media outlets.

Curfew had to be imposed in Malerkotla, a town in Punjab, India, after a group of angry Muslims set on fire the only church in the town. They were reportedly upset that a Quran, a holy book for Muslims, was burned in East Lansing over the weekend and left near the Islamic Center of East Lansing.
According to the Times of India, stories about the Michigan burning of the Quran circulated through text messages. A mob then gathered and went to the church, where they set a wooden plank on fire.
"The protesters also tried to torch a (police) motorcycle and policemen had to fire in the air to control the situation," said a story in the Times of India.
Other media outlets, including Indo-Asian News Service, reported similar accounts.
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Absolutely disgusting.

Sheer stupidity is the name of the game.

This entire situation has turned into one big blame game.

Blame the idiot pastor who initiated the idea of Quran burning and is now to blame for attacks against his fellow Christians.

Blame the overzealous "Muslims" who are now torching an innocent house of worship and attacking people independent of the pastor's racist sentiments.

Blame this, blame that, forget the fact that ignorance prevails.

Common factor: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE

Education people! *shakes head*


Pearl of Islaam

very sad news indeed.


Wa allaicumu Sallam wa rahamtullah wa barakatuhu

Yes very sad news indeed. One of the fundamental principles in Islam is "respect".We should respect Allah by obeying all his compulsory acts laid down in the Holy Qur'an for our benefit and to thank Him for everything He has blessed us withand only toward ourselves, respect toward our parents, familly, neighbours, respect toward other religions and their followers, even respect toward animals because everything has been created for a purpose, and it is that purpose we should respect.

Respect to other religions is one of the duties a Muslim must perform. It is not good to put down other religions, but instead we should convince others to understand Islam so that they may also become Muslims. We should never insult other religions. All the major religions come from Allah, as there is only one God. But these have been changed by people over the years to suit themselves. We should be able to see the truth in most religions, and explain all true followers about Islam. We should never insult other religions, since they then might turn around and insult us.

Allah sais in Quran :"Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance. Thus unto every nation have We made their deed seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return, and He will tell them what they used to do." (Al-Anaam,108).

Every individual is responsible for his or her actions, and we can not blame others for the actions of those individuals. Attack on the church in India was wrong deed and it should be penalize on the proper way and we pray to Allah these kind of incidents will not be done in the future Inshallah.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

Assalamu Allaicum wa rahamtullah wa barakatuhu


Smile for Allah
I can't believe this. This is utterly horrible - who told them to go and attack an innocent church? Is this going to give Islam a good name? Religion does not teach us this..

I'm sure this will be a trigger for many more fights to come, astaghfirullah.