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Masha Allah, Allahu Akbar!! I'm so touched and at the same time feel so ashamed. I am a muslim since i was born but my knowledge about islam so little. These people are so amazing, embracing islam in the country that most people don't understand about Islam but they still keep their faith. I want to learn from them, i want to learn more about Islam and live my life in Allah's path.

Salam brother. yes you are so true. I am currently undergoing this process. like coming back to the basics of islam and these reverts are huge inspiration. May Allah guide us all to the right path. Ameen!


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Asalamoalykum MashaAllah really gr8 video.i had tears in my eyes three times while watching it,SubhanAllah Allah hu akbar.yah Jasmine is totally right when she said she has unique oppertunity for born muslim to go back to basics.and believe me brothers and sisters it is happening.i understand my deen Islam better way aftr watching the videos of converted ones.and these videoes brought many positive changes in my life.May Allah show us straight path Amen.


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Assalamu aleikum
I have seen this video before, but I've watched it again with pleasure. This kind of videos make our iman stronger and motivate to improve our religious knowledge. May Allah our iman stronger.


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assalamu alaikum sister my name is hassaan am from india...keep going sister learn more and try to dawa more people...may allah reward u on day of judgement...inshaallah...

rehan zia

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Best prayers for all of you

Salam everyone!

Just wanted to give all the viewers an update on me. Currently I am a pre-school teacher in Dallas. I love teaching the children good manners....especially the ones we practice as muslims!

I am also currently expecting twins in October, Humdullah! We are suppose to have 2 boys. So far we are going to name them Jonah and Noah. Please pray for us in a safe delievery of our little boys. Who knows....they could be the next great imams in the USA! Inshallah!

Well I hope you all are keeping well in health and iman!



Dear Eric, David, Yasmine and Katherine

I pray for all of you daily....

Dear sister Yasmine....I have been praying the same way like you i.e to meet Prophet Muhammad SAW at the well Kosar....hope to see you there :)

Dear Katherine...hope u all are in the best by the grace of Allah. My special prayers for your sons....Hope to hear from you more....I live in pakistan...any help do tell anytime.

Allah Hafiz


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Prayers for all of you!!

Dear Eric, David, Yasmine and Katherine

I pray for all of you daily....

Dear sister Yasmine....I have been praying the same way like you i.e to meet Prophet Muhammad SAW at the well Kosar....hope to see you there

Dear Katherine...hope u all are in the best by the grace of Allah. My special prayers for your sons....Hope to hear from you more....I live in pakistan...any help do tell anytime.

Allah Hafiz


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It is very interesting to find out that the number of muslims is growing in TEXAS! In my imagination, Texas and Islam do not match.
It is great that people are finding out that Allah wants peace, not terrorism, war and fear.


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assalamu'alaikum... :D

masya Allah... :D

nice one... :D alhamdulillah, we now got a lot new brothers and sisters... :D

Islam's now going up!! :D

subhanallah... ^^

thanks for share... jazakallah khair... :D



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subhanallah... it's inspire me to be a good muslim. better than before. thanks
asalamu alaikum, my name is melanie i am from germany and alhmadoulilah i am muslim since half year. I live in a moslem country and i visit often as possible the moshee for the prayer, my husband is born muslim and he teach so much. I want to have contact to other convert muslims to talk about experience, for example how did you tell your family that you convert and how was the reaction, my family still dont know that i am muslima. My husband and his family are great and they teach me alot but there is some stuff that they can not understand cuz they are born muslims, like to tell the famliy about it or christmas, for me it was hard to dont cebereat christmas.
I would be glade to hear your storys and experienc.
may allah protect you all


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Five months before their marriage, Karen Meek's fiancé told her that he was becoming a Muslim. Ms. Meek, an atheist, was taken aback.
"I thought he was being brainwashed into something," she said. "All of a sudden he stopped drinking alcohol. He wanted to pray every day. He stopped eating pork."
For months, Eric Meek, a lapsed Baptist, had studied Islam without telling her. Now, when he went to work, Ms. Meek poured over his books and videos, trying to understand his faith.
She never expected to be attracted to Islam.
"I grew up thinking religion was ridiculous," said Ms. Meek, 33, of Lewisville. "I didn't believe in God. I had no idea how the universe was created and, frankly, didn't care."
She said Islam had a logic to it that she couldn't resist.
"Coming from an atheist background, I had an easier time accepting Islam than a Christian because I didn't have to unlearn or give up any beliefs," she said.
After getting married, she prayed for the first time while her husband was at work. She learned how from a book.
"Until this point, I had done everything privately, without telling him," she said. "I did not want to join a religion just because he did. I wanted to discover it on my own."
She and her husband began meeting with other Muslims to study the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Eventually, she made her profession of faith.
Her choice of religions stunned her parents.
"One day she came and she wearing a scarf and a dress down to her ankles," said her father, Ray Allred of Carrollton. "I was shocked."
He said he was estranged from his daughter for a time because of her religion. They're close now, though he fears for her safety since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
"You want to love your child, but when they do something so foreign to you, it's very difficult," he said. "I'd give anything if she hadn't adopted this religion."
Those comments were echoed by Jane Barrett of Flower Mound, who's Ms. Meek's mother. She said she especially dislikes the hijab, or head covering, that her daughter wears.
"Karen is such a pretty girl with beautiful hair," she said.
Ms. Meek said she understands. After becoming a Muslim, it took her many months to adopt Islamic dress.
"I would wear the hijab places where people didn't know me," she said and laughed. Now, she wears it all the time -- even to work, where she is an accounting clerk for a restaurant chain.
She said embracing Islam has caused her to see life in a new way.
"Going from not believing in God to believing in God is amazing," she said. "Islam opened my eyes to so many things I had taken for granted, mostly that life is a gift."

:ma:& praise to GOD

if every MUSLIM in this world study QURAN carefully like what you did, they will appreciate GOD more in becoming a MUSLIM

God did mention he made the QURAN easy to learn SURA 54 VERSE 17,22,32 and 40 said it and even GOD challenged us to stdy the QURAN where we will find all the answers there.SURA 47 VERSE 24, GOD also asked us to sutdy the QURAN since the QURAN is a guidance and mercy from GOD for our salvation.
They are many more verses that GOD mentioned that the QURAN is complete and fully detailed.
I believe if one can master the QURAN he/she will be a strong and righteous MUSLIM.

The problem with MAJORITY of the MUSLIM now is because they ignore the QURAN and divided themselves into sects and rely on man made books rather than the scripture (QURAN).

Hope we can meet one day to discuss and share with each other.



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Praise To God,

For the majority to know and understand what is ISLAM all about, read the QURAN page by page in the language we can understand since GOD owns all the languages, understanding the message is more important than memorizing the QURAN.

God had made the QURAN easy for anyone tom learn and know what is ISLAM is all about and the answers are all there.

Refer to SURA 54 (MOON) VERSE 17,22,32,40 and also SURA 47 (MOHAMAD) VERSE 24 where GOD mentioned QURAN is easy to learn for those who is sincere and possess intelligent.

We will keep in tocuh and GOD BLESS US ALL


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It is interesting reading from fellow muslims all over the world.I feel so happy to read somy thing about many people are now reverting to Islam,though it is not strange because it has been predicted that many people will join the Muslim Ummah in differnt groups and more in large numbers.

The islamic light is eternal and divine.Everything happens according to the dictates of ALLAH because HE decides all matter.

I pray for all muslims and wish all Allah's RAHAMA in all our present and future endevours.


Maroof Bello,
Lagos Nigeria


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here is an intresting fact about recent converts to islam

Using a number of sources, including a survey of more than 250 British mosques, census data from 2001 and conversion figures in Europe, the researchers estimate that there could be as many as 100,000 converts - of all ethnic backgrounds - in the UK. This represents an increase on an estimated 60,000 converts in 2001.

its always nice to watch a inspiring video of a muslim friend amy all guide them and elevate them in the true meaning of islam and to read quran reading quran online wile listen to quran online

For an insight into the experiences of Muslim converts, the researchers spoke to 120 - mainly young, white women.