Must read, 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment!


can you please give the references for all the signs so that i can distinguish which were really told by the prophet (pbuh) and which one were made up by mullahs? thank you. JAK


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but how can we then read quran .. can even muslims not be able to remember it ?...... how could this be possible? ya allah ! when will this happen ? will it happen before isa(a.w.s) comss on earth or before he comes?and that night if we keep reading? what will happen ?

sister Assalamu-alikum,
I heard this long time ago( about 25-30 years) from my teacher. So I might not be able to recall it exactly what he said. But as far as I remember he said that, very near to the Day of Judgment, Allah SWT will lift all all writing of The Quran Majid, so it will have blank pages only, because no body will read it. Then one day the sun will rise from west and Day of Judgment will start. I was a small boy at that time and I did not ask him any question.

We know that before Day of Judgment, all believers will die and Day of Judgment will come when only non-believers are here.

Please check with scholars. I might be not be remembering any thing correctly. There are also lots of learned brothers and sisters here and they might be able to help.

May Allah SWT forgive me if I have said something wrong.



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salam 'alikum,it happens to me since I was a child to have dream which come true.Allah has blessed me with that gift?