My dad took Shahada last night! MashaAllah


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Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaikoum,

I just thought that I would let you all know that my dad took Shahada last night, and he is completely oblivious to how happy he has made me, and InshaAllah he pleased Allah as well :) I have been a revert for about 10 months now, and through our discussions my dad has seen what sense Islam makes. So, when i made him sit down last night and watch a lecture by Sheik Khalid Yasin (very very good lecturer), at the end when some ladies were making Shahada, i explained what they were about to do. He started saying it along with them, and I was surprised... I let him go on without saying any thing, and then the Sheik did the translation... I turned to my dad, and asked him if he knew he just said shahada, and he replies, what is Shahada? i told him, its when a person says and believes in their heard there is only one diety worthy of worship, and that is Allah, and Muhammed is his final messenger. And because you just said that and knows what it means, and you believe it means that you are now a muslim. He replied with, "well, that is what i believe so I must be muslim" I was so happy mashaAllah i messaged my friends and they messaged other friends, and everyone knew on msn! almost the whole australia knew within about 5 minutes. Well, please watch lectures by Sheik Khalid Yasin everyone, in particular "the purpose of life: part 2" is so good, and show it to all your non-muslim friends, its truely great. And please make Dua for my father to make his love of Islam and his desire to learn increase. InshaAllah. And please can you give me advice that I can tell him. What simple things I can give him to read to increase his understanding and love?
Thankyou and again, Assalamu Alaikoum,


Mashallah, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

Great news mashallah, good to hear it, May Allah strengthen your dad's Iman.

Regards, Muhammad.



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alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillallllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!
May Allah bless u and him and all the muslims all over the world, ameeeennn.


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thanks everyone, does anyone have any advice on what to tell him or to give him to read as he is starting off? Anything simple?


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Dear Melissa,

Thanks for sharing a great news. We all are happy too. Please first let your father read a biography of prophet Muhammad [PBUH] to know something about him. And then you can introduce Koran to him. Please also give him a brief introduction about Islam to begin with.


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That's great to hear Sister! Khalid Yasin's lectures are great.
May Allah (swt) bless you and your father and guide the rest of your family to this beautiful deen.


um muhammad al-mahdi

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:salam2: melissa,

definitely something about the 5 pillars of Islam.

His next step, after the shahada, is Salah,(prayer), so help him in that :inshallah:


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Oh i am so dumb of course~! thankyou all :) ok im gonna find some stuff to print out now inshaAllah :)


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Just remember not to overwhelm him, take it step by step. As a revert you'll probably understand more than most.



Allahu akbar
Assalamu alaikum sister
Masha allah, that is a great news
my advice is to give him a translation of holy quran



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Thanks Abdul-Raheem,

yes, thats exactly what I dont want to do, is overwhelm him with too much information, because such a thing will take a bit of time, inshaAllah he will grow little bit by little bit in iman :) I think all your advice is good. Its hard to remember back to when i fell in love with Islam, and its hard to know what will make my dads love grow as mine did.. But inshaAllah it will grow, so far so good obviously :)


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mansha allah, mansha alla sis malissa and i'm so happy for u and ur father. give him quran firsrt and let him read and understand. then anything that explain who is muhamed and watch khalid yasin's videos with him andhe has lot of videos. it's really great news ansha allaaaaaa


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Masha-Allah a very good news sister.
I think after Introducing him to prayer You advice him to read Quran,so that his heart will grow soft,then introduce him to Hadeeths and about other things.
May Allah help you both.AMEEN


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Thanks once again for everyones support. I have just printed something up and ill put it up on the fridge for him, or just put it in an envolope for him to help him inshaAllah :)


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MASHALLAH.ALHAMDULLILAH.great.its such a very good news.May Allah strengthen your dad's Iman.amin.

Saifu deen


Allahu AKbar, Allahu Akbar. Mashallah, may Allah grant both of you al-jannah... Amiin.... Very happy for both of you mashallah!!



:ma: That is such great news!! May Allah keep you both on the straight path, Ameen!:tti_sister: