My Favourite Qur'an Recitors



These are 5 of my favourite Qur'an reciters :Shaykh Sudais, Afasi, Budair, Shuraim, Bukhatir. The recitations i have included are excellent, please listen/watch all of


Salah Al Budair too...extremely emotional:mashallah: :mashallah: :mashallah:


May god give them Jannatul Firdaus....Ameen
Finally i master how to post videos. Alhamdulilah

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Salaam Alaiykum bro alkathiri,

How do you post videos??? i don't think i can... cause it says i can't post attachments... or can i?? if you can spare the time to tell me akhi i would be greatful insha allah...

jazakallah khairan.