my husband is depressed


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Assalamu alakyum,

I hope things are well, sister. and InshaAllah, continue with the doctor's treatment. However, at the same time please ask your husband to read the Daily Dhikr of morning and evening. You can find it in the Hisnul Muslim book (Fortress of the muslim.) The whole collection of dhikr in there keeps a person safe from Shaytan and making it a regular habit will help quite a lot.

And any time he starts getting these thoughts, ask him to seek refuge with Allah, completely ignore these thoughts and get busy with something else immediately. Don't worry sister, everything will work out fine, InshaAllah.


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Waaleikum salaam,
May Allaah give your husband shifaa & give you patient. In this situation if it was me I will read rugyah before seeking psychrist, there is no harm doing rugyah, rugyah is good even to the person who is not sick. Before your husband start taking medicine which can become addictive, look for good sheikh to read rugyah for him.