My soul***


Pearl of Islaam

*My soul, where have you went,
where have you gone, leaving my
my every breath hard to take so
strong that it can crush mountains and stones.

*My soul, please stop hurting me,and
take away my sadness, my heart loneliness
and pain. Why you have left me,and let a go
my hand, all alone and helpless,long time
ago of a lost streght.

*I am looking for flowers in my hands, tooken
away from me, throwed and left on the ground.
Who would bright my rainy days,when everone
would leave, I could hear your voice.

*My soul, please be brave and strong,
fight for sunshine of today, beautiful flower
blossom of tomorow,and each new coming day.
My soul you are strong, you have Allah,
with Him you are never alone.

*You have Allah, your Rabb, to help you when
can not walk anymore because there is no
any way left for you. You have Allah,your Rabb
when you can not handle anymore, when you
wish to give up, when you break apart.

*How only I wish to get up and clean a dust
from my scratched legs, but I know that
scars will stay,and me alone and unable to
heal them.

*My soul, please do not leave me, for you
are the most precious gift from Allah,
please be always pure and clean, because
I can not carry you if you are going astray.

*My soul, please do not leave me in darkness
to count alone my steps,and look for the
light. You are my hidden place of feelings,
gift from Allah, there where I can feel
the whole world, there where I know that
I am not only body, there where I know that I am me.

Written by:Asja