My way into Islam

Omar (ex Andrey)

Salam Alleykum brothers & sisters!

I'm a very lucky person - I've been given 2 chances to be a muslim. So I'd like to share my story with everyone else in this forum.

1) I've grown in a Jewish family - or at least 3/4 jewish as my mom is half Russian. My dad used to read me the old testament all my childhood. But there's never been a link between a link between faith and his way of life - it was just a kind of a legend, a story that is mythology that is a part of Jewish people. I've never accepted this as religion. Besides I've never liked this "chosen people" idea as I never liked arrogance & always thought that we are what we are but not our roots, promotions, family status, etc. I remember a family story that there was a rabbi who is sitting in the market praying & at the same time is dealing rabbit skins (or some other animal). He is praying, at the same time examining skins & then he exclaims "this one is spoilt!", swears, & then keeps on praying again. & this was considered to be normal!!! So I never treated Judaism seriously...

2) In time I forgot all these stories. I grew in a very perverted atheistic society with remnants of communism idolatry (worshiping Lenin, Stalin & communist party) mixed with new, materialistic Western mentality. The idea was to get most out of life either in money or in status, power, etc. I've always been an outcast as I never valued all this. I thought I was born for something special not for accumulating wealth, possessions, status, etc.

3) There was a time when I turned to Christianity - but then again it didn't answer my questions. "the ways of God are strange" - was not enough for me!!! I didn't understand this "holy trinity", I couldn't understand why Jesus has paid for all the sins - it didn't make any sense at all. I had big dreams in 4 spheres of life - family (wanted to meet an ideal soul-mate), music (wanted to be a rock-star), bodybuilding (wanted to win big competitions) & UK (wanted to move there). I failed everywhere despite seemingly very high results in each of these spheres (i.e. I could speak English with no foreign accent, lift 200kg or be a good keyboard player in a local band) . I got depressed, I lagged behind, I despised myself. Moreover, I started to be afraid of getting old. I didn't want to wake up in the mornings. This was a total dead-end.

4) It was the 1st of May. On the 7th of May 2003 I was going to be 26. I was thinking of ending my life before my birthday. I could see no light in the end of the tunnel... Then I met an old friend of mine. An Egyptian whose name is Islam. We used to be close friends before & then he left for Australia for a few years. He used to be very far from religion - had multiple love affairs, borrowed money & dealt with criminals. But he was very different this time. He was calm, said he is married & has got a child, then he looked at me & asked "what's wrong with you". I tried to explain. He said "you lack God in your life". & he gave me literature. Harun Yahya.

5) Istarted reading - it was a revelation. Every possible question answered! Atheism crashed, politheism defeated - existance of Allah was crystal clear to me. It was a spring, renaissance, a new life!!! My life suddenly got all the meaning - I knew what I was born for!!!!! A couple of weeks later Islam took me to a mosque, then took me to Imam & said that I wanted to become a muslim. I was afraid & said I wasn't ready. the imam smiled & asked me: "Do you believe there's one God?" - I said "of course!" then he said "do you believe that Muhammad s.a.w.s is the last prohet?" I said I was sure of that too. Then he said: "Do you believe there are angels, & there were prophets before Muhammad such as Musa, Isa, Ibrahim, etc?" I said "YES, OF COURSE!" Then he looked at me, smiled & said "You are already a Muslim!" then I said "Ash hadu Allah..." & my new life has begun.

6) I was absolutelty sure that there's one God & that Islam is the only way but yet I was carried away with everyday life too. Next year I got married, I maintained my Islam for 2 more years & then I started to stray away again. I started going into professional bodybuilding which is an absolute haram, because it makes people idolise body & turnes them into arrogant self-admirors. I didn't fast saying that I had gastritus (whereas the real reason was bodybuilding), I didn't pray in time, & later started praying sitting on a chair as I left prayers to the very end of the day & I became very negligent in Islam. I won't go further on - I just say that I did take part in competitions, I lost my wife for a casual affair with a superficial girl. I tried to find solutions in phychiological training which combined "survival of the fittest", eastern philosophies, etc. I lost hope...

7) I can't remeber how I got to Islam again, but a week before this Ramadan I was as strong in Islam as I was the first months & then I started fasting - for the first time in my life. & each day made me staronger & stronger. I'm far from an ideal Muslim now, but Alhamdulilah I behave as a Muslim publically , can pray openly with strangers watching & see Islam as the ONLY way in life. I've already told many people about it - people that I thought I never would. Each hour & each day my Iman grows stronger & insha Allah I'll never step out of this was again!


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I think that we muslems should make our goal Janna(Paradise) and never rest till we step there. This goal give our souls steadiness and strength.


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Alhamdullilah that you're fasting, praying etc. I guess that's the beauty of Ramadhan because it is the time of the year we feel closest to Allah swt. We are constantly busy with work or school that sometimes we neglect the most important aspect in our lives. So yes, perhaps Allah swt opened your heart to Islam again.

I must say that the same goes to me. For most months of the year, I hardly recite the Quran let alone open it. However, this year was different because something made me want to learn more about the Quran. So for the first time after 20 years of my life, I actually opened the Quran with English translations and reading it. Most of the time, I'd be reading it blindly without understanding what it means. So Alhamdullilah for me too.

Keep it up though Brother. InsyaAllah we will all be better Muslims.

hassana elkoussi

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Welcome back to the right path, brother. Keep it up & start working on your eman and you'll see the difference for yourself.May Allah guide u always to His Light
.:tti_sister: Ameen

You're life sounds like a movie. Almost like living in the fast lane. You're friend Islam who "had multiple love affairs, borrowed money & dealt with criminals" how did he change and become so pious?

May you benefit from this resourceful forum. Stick around Muslims and inshallah your iman will stay steady.

Omar (ex Andrey)


You're life sounds like a movie. Almost like living in the fast lane. You're friend Islam who "had multiple love affairs, borrowed money & dealt with criminals" how did he change and become so pious?

May you benefit from this resourceful forum. Stick around Muslims and inshallah your iman will stay steady.

I had many things in my life. It's true. but everything beyond Islam is a mirage. It's like the best film in the cinema... You don't take part in a film & the same way is with non-muslim life. You are just letting it pass away & each minute brings one closer to hell... If Allah had granted me another choice I would never done 99% of the things I've done in my life but would rather have learn Arabic & got Islamic education.

My friend Islam had the same situation - he'd drowned in the worldly life so much that life was unberable. The same as me. But he changed completely & was a totally different man. The 1st month I became a Muslim there was a situation when Islam's friend was taken hostage. Islam cooperated with the police so that they used him as a bait. The day he went to the kidnapper's place he asked me to keep his silver chain and said: "Alhamdulillah I've lived a rich life. I'm thankfull to Allah for everything I've been given!" He was ready to die - so strong was his faith in Allah! Maybe insha Allah I'll be as strong in Islam as he was...

I plan to take an active part in this forum & insha Allah I will.


*Fear Allah*


Despite you going off of the straight path you managed to realise you were going in the wrong direction. Alhumdulilah you are getting yourself back on track. No one is prefect and strengthing the Iman and growing in Islam is a daily jihad with everyone. Inshallah, you will stay steadfast in prayers and make du'aa asking Allah to make things easier for you so you can continue to do his will. Even though you had stepped across some obstacles in your life I am glad to see you making it through. Subhanallah:tti_sister:

Salam Amirah80


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Assalamu alykum,
Wow that's a brilliant story masha'allah! May Allah guide and keep us all on the straight path! Ameen!


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:salam2: brother Omar and welcome to TTI,
Hope you enjoy ur stay here and it was really interesting to read ur story.

Omar (ex Andrey)

:salah:Thank you for your replies my muslim brothers & sisters! I can see clearly there's a great ummah here! Insha Allah this site will bring happiness & peace to many ppl & help them to understand ISLAM better!!! ALhamdulillah!


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Assalamu alaikoum dear sisters and brothers, I have been away from TTI for too long due to internet access issues. So glad to be back, Alhamdulillah, and to read such an uplifting candid story. Belated Ramadan Mubarak to each of you.

Zainudin Jaffar

Strive to be Mukmin
:salam2: :allahuakbar::allahuakbar::allahuakbar:

You're most welcome to share with us bro. People go through difficulties and and find a way out with help from Allah. I'm not doubting your sincerity with Allah but it's a good start by being honest with yourself and admitting your wrongs. Allah will always look upon favorably with the ones who turn back to Him.

May Allah guide you and us.


Ahmad M. Al-Marshoud
WeLCoMe To TTi
enjoy your stay here and if you want you can check the forums in TTI

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Omar (ex Andrey)

Brothers & sisters! This Ramadan has been the turning point of my life - each day brings me closer & closer to what I should be as a Muslim.

Recently I've been thinking & today I've decided to get Islamic education & devote the rest of my life to learning, practicing & teaching Islam. I've got 2 high educations & PhD but they are of very little use to me in this world & of no use in the next one because only Islamic knowledge will benefit me there. I can't get a proper one in Russia because after 70 years of soviet atheism & lenin idolatry, Islam has just started here & there's not sufficient level of madrasa education. I'd love to go to Arabic world but I don't speak the language & I'm not sure I'll ever learn it to the native level so that I'll be able to use it in learning (it took me more than 10 years to make my English skills similar to my native tongue & Arabic is MUCH more complicated!).
I've noticed there are many Muslims here from the UK. I've lived in the country & plan to move to Britain sooner or later.
Could you please recommend me the place for Islamic education in Britain?

Salam Alleykum,