New Feature: TTI Games Arcade!


Staff member
Assalaamu 'alaykum

I hope you're all well insha'Allaah. I'd like to introduce to the TTIans who may not have already noticed the new: TTI Game Arcade!

This was a feature we had on the site when I first joined, but was taken off soon after, so most here now probably don't recognize it (it only took about 6 years to get back!). I have some fond memories with it, so I hope you all have fun insha'Allaah.

A few things to remember though:

1. Please don't waste too much time with it! I know we all get bored sometimes and look for halaal outlets, so hopefully this will be one, and members can have some fun competing against each other, but please don't neglect other parts of the forum, as well as studies and learning things - about Islaam, or just regularly because of it. Don't let the games overtake your time!

2. Some of the games may have Music, please act responsibly and mute your computers or the game options during this time.

3. If there are problematic aspects with any of the games, please report them here, or to an active Mod. This does not include asking about how these games are played, or the above stated music issue! We've done our best to filter games which are not adult in nature, overly violent, or problematic, but if you do find issues in any content, please do report.